Friday, July 20, 2007


I Got A Lot of Problems With You People!

You know what I have a problem with? The people who make hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as their respective buns. Hey, grocery world, quit ripping me off. Do you think I don't notice that you create a difference between the amount of meat I get and the doughy receptacles you supply? Safeway, I know you package hamburgers in tens and buns in six, eight or twelve so that I'm stuck buying more than I want to buy. Ditto Save-On and Sobeys. And you know what? I hate you for it. Every time I have to pay an extra 3-6 bucks so that my bun/meat quotient is balanced for one of my summer extravaganza, a little bit more of my civility dies. If you continue in this practice, grocers, I'm coming for your frozen food sections. You heard me. DOORS INTENTIONALLY LEFT OPEN. That's right. Open. You've been warned.


When I worked grocery, another co-worker so hated our boss's constant harping about building the perfect "fruit pyramid" or lining up carrots in perfect parallel to each other, that on the day he finally quit he told me he was going to seek his ultimate revenge by walking into the store one day as a plain old customer, empty basket in hand, and re-arrange the carrots.
Not "post office" effective, but brilliant just the same.

I worked in Produce at Sobey's for a year, then two other smaller places.

You, sir, are an ANARCHIST.

I do wish they'd have let me keep the "Ask me for a taste" promo pin, though.

The cure for this 10 hamburger/8 bun problem of course is to have children. No matter the ratio every damn thing has been eaten by the time you get home from work. :-0

Or to have a couple of doubles.


Anonymous number 1: But I love the nicely stacked, colour-co-ordinated produce at Whole Foods. It makes me happy. So your friend should suck it.

Mmmm. Whole Foods. Need a trip stateside to do some groceries soon. Or Toronto, I suppose, but those poverty-stricken, overtaxed bastards probably can't afford the joy.

That make no sense, I realize, but I hate Toronto for its groceries. Grr. Hate.

any reaction to Pitkanen signing a one year deal? I thought the Oil would lock him up.

I recommend the economy-size jar of Paxil. :)

Here in Toronto we have boxes of burgers that come in 8's (I think they all come in some factor of 4 actually) and hot dogs that come in 6 and 12 packs... Along with 8 hamburger buns in a bag and 6 hot dog buns per bag...

Maybe you should move to Ontario Grabia...

And in regards to Pitkanen, the Oilers probably figured that he'd ask for a trade after the first season anyway...

Go Flames!

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Maybe you should move to Ontario Grabia...

Shudder. I'd rather cheer for the Flames.

Complaining about grocery stores?

See, now, THIS reads like the nonsensical rantings of an actual retiree.

Best. Retirement. Ever.

When I quit the produce department of the grocery store I worked at after being promised a non-existent raise for over 3 months, I burned all my bridges the right way. Sent the store manager a nicely worded I quit letter, copies of which passed around the store I hear =).

Also I implied that others may follow and a number of my co-workers got raises ;).

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