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Get on your Game Faces - BoA Special

Whooooo boy!

That Flames loss last night was a beauty Clark, just a beauty. By cocking up yet another chance to clinch a playoff spot, the Flames have given the Oilers the most dangerous gift possible -- relevance. More importantly, they've given Oilers fans something tangible to cheer for.

Final Game
Battle of Alberta
Chance to Knock Cowtown out of Playoffs

I know, I know, even if the Flames lose to Edmonton on Saturday, they could still squeek into the post-season if (1) the Avs lose to Nashville in Denver on Saturday (seems unlikely) or (2) the Flames beat the Avs in Denver on Sunday (seems preposterous).

Contemplating that second option should induce a particularly robust belly laugh -- does anyone, anyone, actually believe that if the Flames lose a meaningful home game to the Oilers on Saturday that they will be able to recover in order to contain Joe Sakic at home on Sunday? You're dreamin'.

This is it Oilers fans. The time for crying in your beer and bitching about K-Lowe is over. Shutdown the spreadsheets, put away your mathemagical formulae, file your objections -- it's time to get back to some good ole fashioned visceral fanaticism. So join me by climbing back on that rig, dusting off your sweaters, chilling your two-fours, and putting on your game faces.

Look out Whyte Avenue, it's gonna be bananas, baby!

Prediction: 4-2 Oilers

Andy's Prediction: 3-2, Oilers. Rob Schremp scores the game-winner with a minute left in regulation time, on a feed from Ales Hemsky. He then grabs Dion Phaneuf's "stick" and rides it down the ice at the Saddledome. After the game, Schremp impregnates 44 women on the Dead Mile.


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With Lupul scoring all four.

No, Schremp.

No, Peterson!

Oh my goodness.

Oooooh that's nice. A small ray of sunshine peeking through the oppressive clouds. Sac's back!

Hells yeah!! Down with Calgary! Up with shirts! Down with pants! ;)

And hey, good to see your ugly mug again, Sacs ;)

Dvorak with a pair!!

"He looks insane..."
"Agreed. Reading his post would only waste valuable seconds."

"show some heart you gutless pricks"

Yeah, really. When the coach pretty much announces that the team's quit on him, you know the shit has not only hit the fan, but actually busted it to pieces and splattered against the dressing room wall.

(fucking Blogger)

Beauty little article by Barnes today.

Great article by Barnes. My favorite quote:

"Take a cheap shot from Dion Phaneuf, turn the other cheek"

Ha, nice "validating the season" tag.

I described the potential of Edmonton making this game a season-ender for Calgary as putting a little bit of a shine on a turd of a season.
Colorado will still need to gain points tonight and against Calgary to make this happen.

One last meaningful game for the Oilers. They've been saving a win for this one - just waiting in the weeds.

I guess I'm the only one hoping for a CAL win, in reg.

With WSH and CHI losing in reg today it seems like a no-brainer to me, to cheer for the EDM reg loss

With WSH and CHI losing in reg today it seems like a no-brainer to me, to cheer for the EDM reg loss

I think some fans are having "cheering for draft picks" fatigue.

Saw your fan devoted site - thought you might be interested in our fan devoted film.

We have some great shots of Oilers' fans.

Check it out at:

only one more game ...

For the love of Hockey Jesus I hope Edmonton can remember how to win tonight.

Sac, I'm just happy you brought out your woodshack nutjob photo for this post. Best playoff beard ever.

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