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Battle of Alberta Game Night

Open thread and/or live blog (we'll see)

9:43PM - Smid with the rocket!!! 2-2 tie. With 10 seconds left.

I'm going to take the 3rd off to watch and think. Back later, maybe.

9:37PM - Hemsky breaks the 207:44 drought, on the PP -- 2-1 Flames. Subversive wonders in the comments if Noodles plays the 3rd tonight as well; I don't think that's a bad idea at all. I'd be happy to see it -- beats Stortini "accidentally losing his footing" while driving the net.

9:28PM - It's official, the Flames are in the playoffs. Noodles will be getting the start in goal tomorrow night; I wonder if Bryan Young is available as a loaner? Islanders v Devils will be the only game tomorrow that means anything. Go Smytty.

9:18PM - GrandpAmonte finds himself alone in the slot with the puck, and scores his first in 20 games, 2-0 Flames. It's been a good last 10 minutes. Flames going on the 4min PP to boot.

9:16PM - Thoresen and his line are having a decent game. Iginla and Tanguay, less so (so far). Also, Forsberg & Kariya put the Preds up 3-2. Ex-cellent.

9:10PM - Huzzah! Legwand ties it up for the Preds. Langkow misses an easy goal on account of not knowing the puck is on his stick.. dang.

9:07PM - A lineup of Oilers to get off the ice. How a propos. 11mins left in the other game, Avs still lead 2-1.

9:04PM - Bad prediction. A Nilson prayer goes off Smid's leg, 1-0 Flames.

9:03PM - Greene played 9:46 in the first period. He's gotta get victimized at some point here. Stand by.

8:50PM - Scoreless after the 1st. The Oilers are playing better than "hanging on for dear life", but not as good as "gee, this is pretty even". Looks to me like if the Flames keep doing what they're doing (apart from taking 2 penalties per period while only drawing 1), they'll get good results.

8:35PM - Mark Lee: "...bouncing off Hamrlik, who was high.." A lot of things make more sense now.

8:33PM - One successful PK for each team now. Kipper looks solid enough, though I'm certainly hoping all the Flames need from him is "better than Raycroft was tonight". That 3-2 goal (Ryder's first) was comically atrocious. (I believe the term around here is Conklinesque.)

8:22PM - Damn the Canucks, by the way. This Nashville-Colorado game would have been a lot more interesting for the Predators if the Canucks could have lost to San Jose this afternoon.

8:14PM - I'm not a big believer in omens, but no, I'm not at all pleased that Mark Lee is calling the game tonight (memory lane here).

8:08PM - Yes I'm nervous. I'll definitely concede that losing to the Oil tonight would qualify as a big, big choke (the Oilers have 1 regulation win in their last 25 games). If they do, I don't agree that they'd be Dead Team Walking in Denver tomorrow night, though. Naturally, I'm keeping an eye on the Preds-Avs boxscore as this game proceeds (Avs just took a 2-1 lead).

Prediction: Calgary wins, Iginla and Tanguay are the 1st and 2nd stars. Go Flames.


I can't believe that you don't think the Flames would be a Dead Team Walking tomorrow, Matt. I don't think that they'll lose tonight, although I've got 6$ on the Oilers winning in regulation which pays $31.20. Still, if they lost tonight, to go to Colorado...why in the world would you expect them to win?

Pretty shitty start for the Flames too, from what I'm seeing.

The Flames have to get 2 points right? I think an OT loss or SO loss means they have to get to OT tomorrow as well.

That's right, Avs have the Wins tiebreaker.

Although I'm a rabid Canucks fan who would rather see Calgary lose, I think I have a much greater hate towards Colorado. I'm so torn...

What the fuck was Lupul doing on that second goal? Can some Calgarian just do me a favour tonight and take him out?

Flames are in. Nasville wins 4-2. W00t!

I wonder if Noodles will play the 3rd and the game in Colorado on Tuesday.

you there?
Dave from RATT/In The Box.
Any plans yet for a playoff draft Tuesday night?
I'm looking for a crew to do a draft that evening up at RATT.
Let me know on my email?

Anyone else interested?

Andy, I'm starting to think that Lupul isn't a very effective player, and that maybe Lowe made a bad trade there.

So with the Oil winning for the second time in 19 games they pull OUT of the draft lottery by finishing sixth worst? Even winning they fuck up.

Getting fucked in the draft would've been worth it if we could have fucked Calgary out of a playoff spot.

Still, this reflects very poorly on the chances of the Calgary Flames.

So much for the Oilers forever.
they can't even get a draft pick right with the flames in the playoffs.
What a cluster of a season. it's all over. For many years.

Hahahaha *breathe in* hahahahahhaha

The Oilers don't even get anything out of this season. It's beautiful

There seems to be a bit of a misconception about the draft thing - when they were talking about the "top 5 teams" getting in the draft lottery, that's to be able to get the first pick overall, as you're able to move up a maximum of 4 spots. Every team that misses the playoffs get the chance to move up those four spots, though.

By my reading of the tie breakers, Edmonton can still finish fifth last anyway, if Chicago beats Dallas by 3 or more goals, but even if they don't, the Oil either picks 2nd (if their ping-pong ball comes up)-- approx. 6% chance, 6th, (if a team below them comes up, or more than 4 teams above) ~81% chance, or 7th (if one of the four teams above them comes up) ~13% chance.

Their odds of getting that 1st pick overall even if they had ended up fourth worst? ~11%.

And sixth pick overall is still pretty good. Milan Michalek was a 6th pick. Ok, so was Scott Scissons, but you get my point.

The Oil have an interesting history with 6th overall. They've had it four times, and took Paul Coffey, Ryan Smyth, Steve Kelly, and Jason Bonsignore, in that order. I'm kind of hopeful that the historical trend of lesser players down the line will reverse, because I think Lowe would have to go off-board and pick some kid from the Junior Roos in Australia to get much worse.


I thought it was interesting that clearly they were trying to lose by playing bryan young so much in the last period so they could secure the draft pick.. no big hitters were played to any extent on defence so they clearly weren't trying to keep the win. It was nice to end the season on a high note but he really ended up hurting the team in the long run (even more!) The guy didn't even make the roster for the playoffs with Wilkes-Barre.

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