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Wow. More Robbie Schremp goodness from Loxy. How can you not be impressed by a guy who gets his own initials tatooed across his back? Plus, the "RBS" gives fans all kinds of ammunition for nicknames. Let it begin!


Really Balding Schremp.

The last time I saw an int with this kid it looks like he's going the right way towards a skullet.

Man oh man this guy is a real 'gem' isn't he? We'd better hope he's a useful guy because it will kill me to have another soft min guy talking crap or wanting or not shying away from the spotlight.

What the hell is that on the left? It looks like a shy-guy from Super Mario on crack, taking a slap shot. Lame.

I'm surprised ol' Robbie didn't go with a Taz.


Dude needs to work on his traps.

I think it may be a Powerpuff Girl. Probably Buttercup.

Words can't explain how awesome Robbie Schremp is. This guy just does not give a f***.

Real Big Shot?

erm...or change the vowel?


powerpuff Girl...heee! Well he IS starting to seem like a cartoon to me.

“Sit down and have lunch with me if you have that big of a problem with me and we’ll see,” Schremp brazenly told a TV reporter during that visit. “If you still think I’m a disturber after that then I don’t know, maybe you’re the one with the problem.”

Oh man, please get this guy into the NHL as soon as possible. What a treat.

Schremp is my new favorite player

McLea is champing at the bit!

And I'd also like to report dennis' violation of Guy Code.

Commenting on the relative baldness of another man? Bad form. Doing so is only acceptable if: a) you are bald as well, or b) you are friends, and you've been friends for long enough for you to remember when your friend had hair.

Dear Mclea:):

A: I just started losing a bit of hair in the last couple of years so I give bald jokes and I'm just starting to get the little jabs about it;) so I feel I can dole them out:)

B: Anyone who appears on the road to Skulletdom is open for lambasting;)

From HF : Robbie "benched" Schremp.

Most people just get vanity plates for their car.

It's a shame that their isn't a hockey equivalent of the Harlem Globe Trotters.

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