Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Lowest of the Lowe

Joanne Ireland reports that this is the earliest the Oilers have ever been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. What does that mean? It means even the 92-94 Oilers weren't this bad. That's really saying something, because those teams were God-awful. I well up even thinking about them.


Or it means that the Western Conference from 1992 to 1994 was almost as bad as the Oilers were.

OH Blah. There weren't 30 teams then, AND there weren't a bazillion extra points we didn't get because of OT and SO victories, it makes a HUGE difference.


Kurri_17 is an angry half-glass full kind of guy, Andy.

Nice little 5-1 loss the Oilers have cooking tonight.

But the Norseman scored a SH goal.

Perhaps Edmonton should play short-handed the whole game?

Hyuck hyuck.


I was just recalling how someone said optimistically that Mikhnov was not going to turn out like an Antropov.

I recall thinking that the Oilers would be damn lucky if Mikhnov morphed into a healthy Antropov type, and if he could skate too...jackpot. BDHS or Lowtide said something to that effect and I though well that's good to see, I like Antropov.

This was the sort of thing I used to think about when I thought about the Oilers before the preseason. How long ago that seems now.

Silver lining: Stastny's streak is dead! Long live Stastny's streak!

Man, this team doesn't half-ass sucking, does it?

Man, this team has gone from the SCF to contending for a NW division crown, to contending for a playoff spot, to maybe missing the playoffs narrowly, to suddenly loom upon the fate of being the worst team in Oiler history!! Wow, thats some GMing going on. This sucktacular collection of injured overpaid mediocrities has one job left and thats to keep the laundry warm till the Oil can find some guys with some heart and pride left who won't just mail it in. Prospects, smoshpects; even if most of them convert to good players it'll be years before the Oil can recover and in the meantime the rest of the western basement is going to improve making it all the harder to get back into a position of not sucking. Sigh.

You could tank for 5 months, get on a 3 game win streak in March and Bam! 8th seed signed, sealed and delivered.

Well, 4th in the division, actually -- hence how Minnesota somehow made it in half the time -- but point taken. Some crappy teams were in the playoffs at that point.

Looks like oilers now have the worst offense (182 g in 74 gp) in the entire league. Didn't see that one coming. Apparently we do worse with a "bad" group of forwards than this "good" one.

Am I still the only one who misses Bergeron. He has like 15 pts in 13 game on the island.

We should change the nick from 'the vaunt' to 'the suck'

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