Monday, March 12, 2007


Flames Game Night

The Flames host the St. Louis Blues tonight at the Saddledome (7PM730PM MT, RSN West); they're hoping to sweep the season series with the Blues, and pick up some ground on the Canucks.

Did You Know: the Flames have scored 219 goals this year, and have 14 games remaining. Last year they scored 216... total. How delightful, or, strangely inappropriate, that it was Jeff Friesen who scored the goal that put them over last season's figure. My reaction to this sentence in the Yahoo! preview...
Jeff Friesen scored Calgary's other goal Saturday, his second in as many games after going 10 straight without one.

...was "Really? It had only been 10 games this time?" But I digress... I've come around a bit on Jeff Friesen. The guy is an extremely effective penalty killer, and while he rarely if ever makes a "nice play", he certainly doesn't make many bad ones. If he's ready to make less than half of what he made this year, my present thinking is that I'd be happy to have him back. (I've softened a lot from No Thanks at Any Price).

Illustrated To Make a Point: yes, yes -- we're all clear that ".500" is not exactly the mark of an average team any more. The St. Louis Blues are a good example of why .500 doesn't cut it. Their record thru 68 games is 29-29-10, which doesn't sound awful. Their opponent's record, in those same 68 games, is 39-21-8. Midseason improvement aside, it is quite easy to see, this way, why they're not in a good position. Their opponents are 16 games over .500 in games against them.

Today's Happy Thoughts/Prediction: oh, a win, I think. Maybe something like Calgary 4 (Langkow, Lombardi, Phaneuf, Stuart) St. Louise 2 (Boyes, D-Vo). Go Flames.


The phrase that helped me out a lot last year, whenever Friesen shoots wide or flubs a pass, or does whatever he usually does to be useless:

"That's all right, Jeff. Save it for game seven."

That said, I'll agree that he isn't bad to have on a team. He doesn't do a whole lot wrong, which helps offset the fact that he doesn't do a whole lot right.

He's bad @ $1.6M. Otherwise, I agree.

Is it still OK to pile on? Cuz last year I heard a lot about how the Flames' offence "sucked". And 216 goals is pretty sucky.

The Oilers have 176 going into tonight's action, with but 13 games to go. They need to get a hair more than 3 a game (much more than their season average so far) in order for the Vaunt to be good enough to suck.

Go Flames.

Beware the Avs... "They're not quite dead yet" and have 3 head-2-head with the Flames...

Go Blue Notes

Is it safe to say the Flames have been Stempniaked?

What a beauty.

Stempniak, that sly dog... just about did it to us again. And then Kipper stoned him in the shootout.


Take that Lee Farking Stempniak, take that.

The Blues are a pretty good team these days (ahead of the Oilers, I see). And I'm not worried about the Avs, not even a little bit.

Go Flames.

Ugh. Hideous game, defense wise.

Is Nilson the new Friesen?

This flames team is getting harder to love as each game passes.

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