Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Edmontoby Petersoilers

Bad off-night for the Flames last night; Stars win, Sharks win, and of course the Canucks/Wild game went to OT. But enough about that for now.

In case you missed it, this Covered in Oil game thread from Monday night is absolutely the funniest thing I've read on a hockey blog all year.
Every time the game's been on, and I've managed to lift my head from all of the crying fits, I've only ever noticed Toby Petersen carrying the puck.

Toby Petersen at even strength, Toby Petersen on the power play, Toby Petersen on defence, Toby Petersen folding towels with Joey Moss in the locker room, Toby this, Toby that... Arrgh!

Why yes, a Reservoir Dogs reference does seem appropriate to the Oil's recent fortunes.
"Toby...Toby...Toby...Toby Wong?...Toby Wong...Toby Chung... fuckin Charlie Chan."

This comment by SweatyO killed me:
New Sportsnet Commercial: #20 driving the zamboni, carrying equipment bags, and cooking burgers at a grill in a Rexall concession stand.

Tagline: "Toby Matters"

As did this one by host Mike W:
LaForge: "People are always asking me 'when are you getting a new building?'"

Oh, are they? I imagine it was more like "what the fuck are you guys doing to this team?" but nevermind.

Also, this is for Pleasure Motors. Remarkable player, that Toby. (Addendum: M-A Bergeron -- the guy who was apparently made expendable by Toby's "performance" on the PP -- has 5 PP pts in 10 games with the NYI. He's also 4-8-12, +7 overall, with but a single minor penalty.)


Oilers Suck... blah, blah. Toby Peterson... blah, blah. Who can care these days with the BoA March Madness pool just 24 hours away. C'mon people, email Grabia for sign-up info and quit reading this mindless Flames fan dribble.

I would come back with a sarcastic comment but I can barely type through my tears.

And the blinding rage.

If anybody needs me I'll be hanging from the tree in my backyard.

Would "The Peterston Toilers" be a better title?

0:20-0:40: I saw this right before the start of the Hitmen game last night (7-5, woo!), and I think I became an Isles fan for the rest of the year. Sigh.

On the topic of Bergeron, that link by Doogie totally shows the best and the worst of Bergeron: he scores a goal and sets up one. And on the last to Habs goals, the first time he's totally out of position, and the second time he gives the puck away at the offensive blueline allowing a breakaway.

I think the Bergeron trade was a good trade for both teams. We couldn't afford his mistakes. The Isles desperately needed his PP help and they seem to be able to absorb his mistakes most games.

Are you ever going to run out of salt...

Tober-loners should be added to the BOA glossary, similar to the verb "Stempniaked".

Something like "a goal scored by a borderline NHL/AHLer which ends up being the only goal for said players team in a losing cause".

or take out the last few words, thus making the sentance "hey, didja see the Oilers game last night? I can't believe they got stempniaked by a tober-loner" possible.

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