Friday, March 23, 2007


Avs/Oilers Open Thread

Looks like Ales Hemsky, Marty Reasoner and Tom "Brad" Gilbert are drawing in tonight. Booooo. Hey Ken Lowe, you couldn't wait a game to give these guys clearance? Don't make us turn on another Lowe boy, man. It can get ugly, fast.



Sad as this is to admit I am finding myself envious of the crowd in Buffalo right now. It's loud and crazy and the game seems meaningful...

Although the TSN guys are almost unbearable so I may not be able to watch very long.

And as much as I tried to stay the Golorado course, I felt a moment of excitement in spite of myself at the words "reinforcements are coming".


C'mon Oil, can't you just pause 'the suck' for one night?

so with those players drawing in, what does tonight's roster/lines consist of?

Is anyone even watching?


What now? There's an Oilers game on tonight?

YESSSSS! Joffrey Lupul! YESSSS! An enemy to Oilers fans no matter what he does. Go Flames!

Well, wasn't expecting that...

whooooaaa nelly.

Thank you for your very small contribution to the Flames Playoff hopes.

Now I have to start cheering for Vancouver. This playoff race leaves me feeling dirty.

Go Flames

Nice of the Oilers to pull their sticks out of their asses and actually try. Thanks boys.

Well! That was interesting.

i have to admit, i kinda cracked a smile after that one. we can move down in the standings another night, i guess.

Roli was sick, those SO saves... craziness. and fucking Lupul scored?

the only thing that would've made this game better would be if Toblerone woulda scored the winner.

and do the Avs really have a player named Finger? man, hearing Kevin Quinn say 'Finger' all night was really creepin' me out.

Oilers win? I guess hell has frozen over. Nah, I kid. Nice win. Roli and what a night!!!!

Fuck. Even in winning, the Oil end up losing.

Oh well. Nice to see the boys get some goals.

LUUUUPES! The blue steel gets one for the Oily. You guys need a win streak to finish strong in 17th place.

For all the Flames fans who "cheered" for the Oilers tonight, it will come back to haunt you when the Oilers beat the Flames on the 7th ;)

Gilbert played great tonight. Hemsky looked great, didn't lose a step. Thoresen was impressive, though he needs to hit the net. Sykora and Lupul got those monkeys off their backs.

I still can't believe Lupul scored from the slot. About 5 minutes before he was scored I was wondering when the last time he scored from the slot area was.

Roli was awesome. 2 highlight glove saves in the SO.



I like what I've seen from Gilbert quite a bit, which is why his concussion was so frustrating. Glad to see him back!

Thanks Oil!!! Never cheered for them until the last two games. At least they kept one point away.

My darling Marty, I thought we were trying to lose all the rest of our games!

I forgive you.



I don't like cheering against the Oil but they did not need to win this game. and how does MP not get the tap for the SO given his wicked PS goal on HNIC awhile back?

and fucking Lupul...even when he scores he fucks shit up

The Joffrey Lupul Sniper-in-the-golds-at-Rexall Doomsday Clock just moved up to 11:57. If I were him, I'd use some of my salary to sign Cory Cross and Igor Ulanov just to stand between him and any book depositories while he's out in Edmonton.

Poor beautiful bastard just can't win! Probably sobbing tears made of diamond into a satin pillow wondering just what he has to do.

Also, Blogger sucks.

Looks like the Oil are bent on infuriating Grabia in every conceivable fashion.

Looks like the Oil are bent on infuriating Grabia in every conceivable fashion.

Lupul...of all the bloody people. He haunts my dreams.

Did time freeze on this blog? No Oil/Preds no Flames/Hawks threads? Wassup?

Ho hum, nothing to see here.

Move along, folks.

I feel bad for the Oiler fans...but they have a voice at The NHL Arena...come check out today. The Oiler fans need to unite. teams play tomorrow right? Think anyone will write something?

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