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Oilers Game Day-Senators

Record: 28-26-5Record: 34-22-3

• It's amazing to think that this team is still only eight points out of a playoff spot, isn't it? Roll off a four or five game winning streak, or four out of six, including a couple wins against the Wild, and the Oilers are back in the mix. Then again, St. Louis, with a goal differential of -26 (155 GF, 181 GA), are only two points behind them. And they haven't won three in a row since December 4th-8th. AND now the forward depth chart is also thin. So I'm not overly optimistic. I'd happily settle for a Ryan Smyth signing and a Georges Laraque re-acquisition, thank-you very much.

• Is this the end of The Tjits? Daniel Tjarnqvist may be back in the lineup for this game. If so, the defensive sets should be: Smith/Hejda, Staios/Smid, Greene/Tjarnqvist. But who will play the PP? If it was me, I'd dress Gilbert as a 7th d-man, and give him some substantial PP time.

**Update*** Joanne Ireland is reporting that both JF Jaques and Tom Gilbert are in for tonight. No word on Shaggy, but it appears that Horcoff and Smith are also banged up.

• Peter Nedved is thankfully out with an injury. Can I just state how absolutely wrong I was about saying that his acquisition was a good move? I figured for the cost, and the time he would actually play, it would be of benefit. Wrong. As Pat has said, his effort is there, but not much else. Pouliot has shown he deserves that extra ice-time, and I hope he gets it.

• With all the injuries, trades, and poor play, how much will we get to see of Brad Gilbert, JF Jacques, Mathieu Roy, Danny Syvret, Marc Pouliot, and Patrick Thoresen? And I know people will go off on this, but you have to expect that Rob Schremp will get a call up if the team falls out of the playoff race. Or has his recent benching in the AHL done him in for the year? Who else might we see?

• I don't know if I'll watch the game, as it is on PPV. But for those who do, keep an eye and ear out for Oilers fans in attendance. They have purchased 120 seats in Section 301, as well as other seats in the arena. That's an impressive feat, and I hope they all have a fantastic time at the game. Janet, if you want to send me a link or the pics themselves, I'll post them for all to see.

• For any who are on Facebook, we've started a "Friends of the Oilogosphere" group. Feel free to request an invite.

I'm not gonna lie. That's all I got. Between the Oilers performance this year and my own issues (it's mostly the latter), I'm completely lacking in inspiration. I'm letting myself, as well as others, down. I sincerely apologize for stinking so badly. In the words of Matt Albie, I'm in desperate need of a 4 A.M. Miracle.

Prediction: 4-1, Sens. Jason Spezza gets the Peter Forsberg Hat-Trick (goal, assist, and debilitating injury). Let's be honest, this is a damn good hockey team. The hope is that Gerber reverts to earlier season form, or that the Sens think they're in a playoff game. Then we're good to go.



What the hell is this??? A prediction for the other team? Sacamano would be spinning in his grave if he was dead.

Andy: never explain, and never apologize. Besides the post (and prediction) is worth just for the concept of the Peter Forsberg Hat Trick.

That's gold. $10 says it's on "Connected" by the time the Cup is awarded.

I'll bring some dirt and a shovel to spread over the Oilers after the game.

I'm going tonight...one of the many boozed-out Oil fans in the 300 level. More than anything else, I'm excited to see MAP after his game Sat night. GO OIL

Don't feel too badly about the lack of postage, Grabs. I haven't posted at CanadianRules since before Xmas, and it's not like there hasn't been post worthy stuff to put up there ;)

The only thing I spin these days are yarns. Plus, a PF hat trick is gold.

Having said that, there is no way the Oil lose to Jason Freakin' Spezza. The Ewing* Theory is going to hold tonight -- the Oil will blow out the Sens.

*Admittedly the comparison between Ewing and Bergy is tenuous; but, hey, Mud's mathemagic showed that MAB was actually a pretty useful little fella.

Hey Oil Fans who are going to the game...

I'm sure you all know this but just in case, make sure you go EARLY. The nightmare stories about getting to the arena in Ottawa are truer than I ever imagined. I was just there on a holiday and I got to go see the Habs game last week and we literally left our host in the car and ran down the highway/parking lot just to try and see the opening face-off. Getting home was even worse... 45 minutes just to get out of the parking lot. Senators fans are grade A suckers for putting up with that shit.

Oh... and have fun!

I still harbour misguided dreams that the Leafs can move up in the standings so GOILERS

Just take the bus.

Just take the bus.

Bus service stops an hour before game-time due to traffic congestion, so If you do take the bus... go earlier than early.

In the winter I might have to take one of the 400 series busses due to the cold, but during the fall or spring (or the first few months of winter this year), I take the 118 to Palladium drive than take a 15 minute walk to the Sc'ank. It works, and no need to worry about traffic.

This is more of a Western/Central Ottawa travel plan though.

According to someone on Oilfans...Tjarnqvist is not ready to go yet.

In fact, Matt Greene draws out tonight, and the 3rd pairing will be Tom Gilbert/Mathieu Roy.

Ummm....why not simply leave Greene in and play him with Gilbert?

The Oilers D continues to be the Tjits.

I don't want to think about the Oil as they're giving me the heebie jeebies, but nice Studio 60 reference. That show is absolutely brilliant. When they chopped off the babies head I nearly peed my pants. Nice job on the Peter Forsberg Hat Trick. One would assume the injury occured during one of his routine overly theatrical dives?

Interesting comments from Smytty and MacT in this video clip.

Georges Laraque? He's that guy who used to sit in the press box, right? Nice fella, but he seems to be doing OK under new coaching in Phoenix, and I don't see the point in delivering a hand-engraved "fuck you" to Zack Stortini at this point in his career.

Smyth seems like a man resigned to the fact that he'll be house hunting this summer in that clip.


Here's hoping he's house hunting in the greater Vancouver area.

There are some lovely homes in Richmond, you know.

Oilers fan in attendance: thank you for booing Comrie. That made my day.

I don't blame you on "not feeling it," Andy. This team is broken.

Apparently Kevin Lowe is the last to know.

I want my money back for this ppv.

Okay overtime. I don't want my money back anymore.

Marc Andre WHO?

Tom Gilbert, you sonnufabitch!

Fucking a. As much as I have given up on this team intellectually, I just can't disconnect. I thought I was out until I walked in the door with the Oil down 3-1 and they scored two to tie it.

What's the deal with the Ottawa colour guy? He get some Dave Manson treatment or something?

Fucking rights to the booing of Comrie in his home rink by the way. Oilers fans have kicked some ass on this trip, even if the team sucked.

Ten bucks says if Hemsky gets to shoot, he just goes down and circles the net a few times.

Shootout....damn I hate it.

And that's all she wrote. 0-2-2. Nine points is impossible. Eight seems unlikely. This team? Done.

Sigh...unless we run the table against Minny.

Nope, we're done.

ugghhhhhhhh. Please tell me Comrie didn't score the game-winner...

I'm really torn here. Do I cheer for the Avs or the Flames? Intellectually I say the Flames, because I'd like to see Colorado disappear from the playoff race. But it's the Flames. I was soooo happy when Svatos scored the go-ahead.

Well Minnesota won in the shootout so we lose another point. Damn. Oh Hemsky, why didn't you shoot the puck in OT??

Oh Hemsky, why didn't you shoot the puck in OT??

Did he actually NOT shoot it? I thought people were joking.

losing is painful enough. but losing, again, this road trip, all the more so. losing a game the same night as minnesota wins one, increasing the point disparity, adds greater depth to the pain. all of this, however, does not even compare to the 'please give me a cocktail of prozac and vicodin and zoloft and everything else you can think of' pain that i incurred when mike comrie got the winning goal. oh the agony...

He held onto the puck for what seemed like two minutes, skating around the net and then never shot. He had several perfect opportunities.....perfect.

Tyler said...
Ten bucks says if Hemsky gets to shoot, he just goes down and circles the net a few times.

February 20, 2007 8:04 PM


Wow. Wow. Wow. Wouldn't that make a dandy YouTube clip?

Okay, I just saw the highlights. Awful. I thought people were saying that he did it in the shootout, but that is still awful. MacT must have lost it on him when he got back to the bench. That is just a stupid play.

Actually if it makes you feel any better, I think it was McAmmond who scored the shoot-out winner.

I'm sure Oil fans were proud of the fans who were booing Comrie, I found it awesome the Sens fans in turn started cheering for him whenever he touched the puck. Now if only they would do the same for Alfie whenever the Leafs fans invade the Bank.

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