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Oilers Game Day-Avalanche it too soon for fantanking?

Don't forget it's an afternoon game (1 p.m. MST). You know, if you decide to watch and all.

As for my Superbowl pick, I was initially going to go with the Colts. I've disliked the Bears all year, mostly because people have been so high on them. I mean, they play in the Norris. How could they not win 13 games? But then I got all excited about seeing the Peyton Manning face on the most epic of scales, and watched this:

So I was won back over to a certain team, from a certain town, known for its Polish sausage. Boy would I ever love to get my hands on one of those sweater vests by tomorrow.

Prediction: Da Bears. And make sure to check out Da Superfans webpage for a funny little remake of The Superbowl Shuffle.

Oh, and go Oilers. I guess.


My allegiances have already shifted from whatever is best for the Oilers success to whatever is best for the pool.

Go Da Bears!

Yeah, go ahead, give up on the season after a loss on the road in the second of back-to-back games. With the team in 10th place in the superior conference. Definitely what Simmons was talking about.

Oh, I'm just being grumpy. You know I'll die with this team. They just hurt me so.

My allegiances have already shifted from whatever is best for the Oilers success to whatever is best for the pool.

What pool? You can't mean our hockey pool? Is that thing even still going on?

How are we supposed to care when management/ownership seem so uniterested in the whole thing?

What pool? You can't mean our hockey pool? Is that thing even still going on?

For four of us it's still on...

How are we supposed to care when management/ownership seem so uniterested in the whole thing?

How does a mother love her child? Or an addict their crystal meth? You just deal, and look forward to opening day.

Tychkowski hit all the right notes today.

WOW-- the notes Tychkowski hit sounded like a funeral march, and not one of those fun New Orleons' ones.
Lowe said he wanted 40-60 games to know what he had, and I think he now knows and so does the team.

mudcrutch, I would argue that this team is appreciably worse than last year's version. Beyond the lack of talent on the backend(no need to explore that little tidbit any further)there has been an exodus of senior leadership from this team. Lost from last year's resilant and nasty team are Pronger, Peca, and Moreau. This group has reverted to the nice guy hope for the best kind of hockey that has marked so many recent oiler teams.

well, we currently sit down 1-0 in the first. and i'm ready for jussi in the net. on a much more frequent basis. maybe roli just needs a break. maybe i'm wrong. i am. alot. but, since we're nearly at the 'what do we have to lose' point in our season, we can afford to change it up. tho possibly the macT blender system has been an attributing factor to our 10th place standing. ( read here: possibly=very likely)
or maybe i'm just an embittered, yet diehard oil fan living in an eastern city who already bore the pain of watching my beloved esks miss the playoffs, and i'm tired of the mockery. not that i'll stop wearing my jersey anytime soon. i read the fantanking article, andy. and i laughed, yet sympathetically so.

Ok, copy and paste my first period thoughts from IOF:

- Are they trying to make the playoffs or get Karl Alsner? Toby Petersen on the PP point would tend to indicate it's the latter.

- I had my scoring chance count at somewhere around 9-2 Edmonton. Seriously. The Oilers grossly outchanced the Avs that period. However, terrible out-of-position by both Staios AND Smid plus a screwy bounce off Sykora's stick leads to an Avs goal, and the Oilers were fighting the bounces on a lot of their chances.

On one hand you say "if they keep that up, they'll get their goals", but the Avs are bound to put up a stretch of the game where they get the bulk of the chances, and if they capitalize just once, it's suddenly 2-0, which is a huge hole for this Oiler team these days.

- More proof-positive this team needs a puckmoving blueliner. Steve Staios is arguably their best blueliner when it comes to this. On a good team, he'd be about the fourth-best guy in this regard (see game 7 of the Cup final last year....all of Pronger/Spacek/Tarnstrom had him beat in this regard).

- That might have been Joffrey Lupul's best period of the season.

- Raffi is definitely "on" this week. I wish he played like he has the last three games every game. And if Lowe has a choice of dealing Lupul or Torres for a d-man (i.e. the other team wants one of the other to make a deal go), he better bite the bullet and give up Lupul, optics be damned.

- Nice shift at the end of the period by Stortini. Threw a pretty nice hit on that puke Laperriere (just like Avery or Tucker, if the guy was on my team, I'd have no issues with him whatsoever, but as long as they're playing for someone else, you want to see them get pasted every shift).

- Tyler Arnason still sucks.

Mudcrutch, gotcha. I think it just feels and looks worse because of last year's team.

Sweatyo, I agree about it being Lupul's best period and Torres being on. I don't see how Lowe moves either of these guys. They keep showing just enough to suggest they may have real value.

hemmer scored hemmer scored.
i feel like quoting lines from a mighty ducks movie now. so no more from me.

Hey Lupul showed up, finally. If he could do that every game or at least every couple games, I'd be happy.

ryan smyth!!!

and now, horcoff!!!!

Again they score a couple in less than two minutes. Simply uncanny.

As for the Sun article Tyler, I think you are missing the greater point, which is the number of games they need to win to get in. Are you really that confident that they can win 20 of 30?

Okay, Colorado scored with 30 seconds left. 3-2. If the Avalance tie it up...

Oh, thank God. Fucking bouncing puck.

That was WAY too close.


Really interesting point Gary Galley just made in post-game, about penalty killers needing to stop and start rather than turn and curl. Why can't I hear stuff like that all the time? I'd never ever thought of that before. That's a really interesting comment that expands my knowledge of the game.

Andy: Exactly. When I was a kid Bob Goldham would explain the game, and then Howie Meeker did the same. Hell even Gary Dornhoefer made a point once in awhile.

Now we hear some blowhard in a purple suit talk about french kissing Doug Gilmour by a snowbank in Kingston.

you know what, fuck it.

we're making the playoffs.

the hell with 'magic numbers' and '10th place' and 'toughest division'. time NOT to throw in the towel, but to throw away all reason, common sense, and statistics. time to put the dancing Oiler gopher back on top of my TV. time to pull out all the various Oil bric a brac, talismans and knick knacks. time to wear my 'your in Oilers country' t-shirt at all times (secretly underneath).

it is time for me to will this team into the playoffs, like when i was 11 or 12, and i believed that super magical beams of energy actually shot out of my chest (from the Oil droplet), shot into space, returned to earth, and finally enveloped the Oiler bench, filling them with goodness and purity of essence.

it's time to be a Fan.


Gary B just made me cry.

Right there with ya!


PS - RE: Avs game: Again they give me just enough to remember why I love them so.

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