Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Note to self:

When you say "forgive me hockey gods", apparently they take it as a taunt.


Has Kipper stopped a shoutout shot yet this year?

Good god they're terrible in extra time.

Why don't they put Noodles in for the shootout?

Was he even awake? Or dressed?

If only Roman Turek were available.

i think kipper has faced 6 shootout shots this year, and allows all 6. i bet he'd be more effective if the opposition could put two guys out at the same time: two-on-nothing shootouts. Might feel more like a game situation.

But there have been games this year where we wouldn't have been in overtime or a shootout without him. So Mike Smith in Dallas might be an amazing shootout goalie(I don't actually know if he is or not) but I'll take Kipper and his crapping the bed in the shootout as my number one goalie any day of the week.

We love you Kipper; you'll figure out the shootout one of these days.

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