Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Messier and Messier

Enough about Mike Vernon. Let's talk about a real champion, people. As in the six Stanley Cups variety of champion. Sun columnist Terry Jones is currently in New York covering Mark Messier's fantasy/leadership camp. It's the first of a four part series targeted, I assume, towards Messier's jersey retirement ceremony on February 27th against the Coyotes. Jones was the only reporter who covered the camp, and I'm glad to see he hasn't lost focus on what's important out there.

"One year at the Gretzky camp we had a guy poop in his hockey pants.

"Seriously. Gretzky set him up for a goal. He scored a goal assisted by Wayne Gretzky. He came back to the bench and actually @#$% himself."

That's actually the best thing in the article, which doesn't provide a whole lot of insight about Messier. But since I know that even hearing his name will anger fans of both the Flames and the Canucks, I figured it was worth posting. Messier. Messier. Messier. Five rings in Edmonton. One in New York. Conn Smythe. MVP. Messier. Messier. Messier. Elbow. Teeth. Champion. Messier. Messier. Messier.

It should also be noted that Slats will be in Edmonton on the 27th, despite it being the day of the NHL trading deadline.



Elbow. Teeth.

That about sums Mess up. Maybe add "Ego" in there.

You forgot: Best Leader in NHL history. Cold FX Leadership award.

Ooh, yeah, I like that.

Ego. Messier. Champion.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the story about him and the Rangers' GM job doesn't exactly make it sound like he's super keen on paying his dues.

Sounds to me like he's willing to work under Slats. His radiance has blinded you.

And none of us have even talked about the fact that Samsonov was waived today. Chalk up another victory for K-Lowe.

Ah, Mess. My first of many Oiler crushes. In reverence: squee.

And none of us have even talked about the fact that Samsonov was waived today. Chalk up another victory for K-Lowe.

It's more than offset by the Lupul acquisition, another shining moment of brilliance. Nedved's the man, also.

I'll accept that Lupul criticism, with the caveat that CFP's public request destroyed any leverage Lowe had. But Nedved cost nothing. And he actually played very well in Colorado. Now that Stoll's out, that depth is nice to have.

Hmm. This is good fodder for a post. You guys have got me thinking. Thanks!

His radiance has blinded you.

Or his shiny scalp.

MacT sure stunk with the intro. Must have been because Lowe was probably going to originally give it but he was (rightly) laying low after dealing Smyth.

Oh, yeah. Phillips stunk too. I'm sure I heard him goof some of the numbers..."Number 5...Glenn Anderson"

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