Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hockey Songs Playlist

If you scroll down the sidebar, you'll notice a new feature on Battle of Alberta. We've created a playlist of hockey songs that you can listen to while reading the site. I know there are some importat songs missing, but they aren't available on FineTune. If they end up on the site, or you suggest to me other ones I may have forgotten, I'll add them. If you click on my user profile, you can also listen to other playlists I've created. So far, I just have two. If you don't like the song that pops up, just go to the next one by placing your cursor near the right side of the button. You should see "Next Track" pop up.



Damn. It stops once you click in the comments. Well, that might just be a giant waste of time.

Meh, it's a neat idea. Not a bad selection of tunes.

You just have to keep two windows open when you are commenting, I guess.

This ancient post probably relates somehow. Too bad we couldn't get all of those songs online.


Now what you need to add is some of those youtube highlights from last spring.

Then I could get on board with this whole technology thing.

And there be Journey!

Hey, if this feature was on back in the day we could have partied like Sergei Sampsonov.

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