Monday, February 12, 2007


Dreamboat Andy

Assuming that the health issue was handled properly and that the no-trade clause was overcome, what, if you were Kevin Lowe, would you be willing to give up to acquire Peter Forsberg? I blame Darren Dreger for this meandering and ultimately pointless thought, because in his article from a few days ago he stated that the Flyers want "a top young player plus a high draft pick, likely a second rounder, in exchange for Forsberg." That's it? Where do I sign up? I know, I know. It's never going to happen. But just thinking of Forsberg on the Oilers powerplay brings me near to tears. And if you really want to get high today, imagine the Oilers getting Forsberg AND Pitkanen from the Flyers.

Warning: The down on this one is extremely harsh.


Pitkanen AND Forsberg?

Lupul, Schremp, Syvret, Anaheim's first and second rounders this year, plus the right to the first rounder the Oilers would get if Anaheim won the Cup in the next 3 years.

And without batting an eye, might I say.

Too much? Not enough?

But honestly, like hell Forsberg wants to come here, right now at least. I'd be satisfied (to put it mildly) if we just got Pitkanen for a "Lupul plus" package.

Did they figure what to do with Forsberg's malformed ankle though? I remember him having to repeatedly go to a specialist in Boston(?) early this season to get some kind of magical skates.

Anybody that's this high maintenance just in the equipment area is probably not worth it.

Anybody that's this high maintenance just in the equipment area is probably not worth it.

Read the first sentence of my post over, and stop messing with my high!

Excellent post header. I will never get tired of Heart references.

Imagine him and Hemsky on the ice together, just for a moment. Or the tutelage he could provide him.

I've now convinced myself that this is the most important move the Oilers could ever possibly make. I think I'm sick in the head.

News today has the Flyers asking for two first's plus a good young player. If we had a stronger defense, like say Shaggy wasn't hurt and we'd acquired Boumeester and Horton and a 1st for Pronger, then I'd give them the two firsts and try and talk them into a Svyret and I'd take a shot at Forsberg.

I've been watching some Philly games lately taking a look at Pitkanen, who looks like he's mailing it in some nights BTW but is a wonderfully smooth skater and stickhandler, and Forsberg still has lots left.

Anyway, in the vein of forwards driving the bus Forsberg knows his way around the playoffs but it's ultimately not worth a shot because our defense just isn't getting any better.

Now say we were getting Brewer for Jacques or Sortini and Shaggy was coming back healthy...then I might take the leap and second off two 1st's considering this draft doesn't seem to be anything to write home about it.

But it's the last move you make and you'd better make sure all the other ducks are in a row. To make one of my dating analogies that Matt loves, you'd better make sure all your roommates are gone for the night before you bring home the fat chick:D

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