Wednesday, January 10, 2007


More Fun With Spreadsheets

Below, the rates for Flames and Oilers forwards at ES and on the PP, combined and sorted (not including last night's game). Joffrey Lupul is a bum. Shawn Horcoff cannot possibly be as bad (statistically) in the 2nd half at ES as he was in the 1st -- how is it possible that while Pisani isn't scoring either, he's +11 and Horcoff is -10? Doesn't Pisani draw tough assignments too?


That's a pretty cool spread sheet. It is actually pretty shocking how bad Alice is at even strength, given his elite player paycheque. Indeed, he is no better offensively than Lombardi (who made a very sexy move last night on the Rithcie goal). Moreover, he is a real defensive liability (-5 vs Lombo's +16).

No doubt the guy is fun to watch, especially on the power play where he has more room to do his thing, but what does fun do for you in the standings?

Pisani, Horcoff, Roloson ... a lot of overpaid Oilers. At least Ryan Smyth is earning the gigantic raise Lowe is likely to give him.

It is actually pretty shocking how good Hemsky is on the pplay at this young age. Even though he has struggled, in part because of injuries, he is still significantly ahead of the nearest Flame. I'm just guessing here, but I imagine that pplay production leads to wins. JUST A FREAKIN' GUESS.

If the Oilers were smart, they would lock him up long term before his pplay production puts him in the Iginla wage bracket.

Personally I like GF and GA at 5V5 better than +/-. Plus/minus really is polluted by a lot of factors - empty nets and shorthanded goals come to mind.

Incidentally, that's why Pisani has been so good this year - He's +10 at 5V5 and he leads the team in ES GA/hr.

According to

Pisani is against very tough opposition (16th overall). He is earning is money.

Granted, Alice is a half power play goal every 60 minutes better than Chuck Kobasew, but I would not have thought that this was anything to write Czechoslovakia about. It's not like he is earning Pisani money (seriously - Pisani is earning his paycheque???)

Maybe not all of it.

According the NHL stats machine, he's played 108.60 minutes TOI SH. Less than Horcoff(147), but the same as Reasoner and Stoll.

Pisani's +/- (going by the NHL website definition - SH goals count as minus) is much better than Horcoff and Reasoner. Sure, I want more offense, but he's defensively responsible and bangs in the odd shorty ;-)

The stats machine also says ALL the Oilers get butchered on the road (+/- is negative for everybody except Hedja and Torres).

For a bum, Lupul has a pretty nice house.

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