Thursday, January 11, 2007


Dream On

Because I refuse to let the Flames have the top post on this site (can we arrange it so that they have to play the Canucks for the next 40 games?), and because I admire any man who can dream about Ray Ferraro, a funny little tale from Mike W.


those of us that are still fans in our sleep... know the burden this creates.

during the playoffs I went to the dentist due to a tooth ache. He said that it looked OK and asked if I was perhaps under a lot of stress at work or something... he said maybe I grind my teeth in my sleep.... I didn't make the connection until a few days later when oilers lost game 4 to the Ducks and I woke up a few times in the night with the tooth ache or other discomfort. After game 5 though I slept fine... and the tooth ache went away in the summer.

hmm... maybe I should have posted this as anonymous. Yes, I have issues.

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