Thursday, January 04, 2007


Bleg (HOT Bleg!)

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding which photo to submit to Hot Oil for the Hot-Off; I think I need a pre-vote. Which one of these pics best captures the real me (click to enlarge!)?

You gotta love The Smoking Gun, no? The best (or "only watchable") part of the Emmys every year is the award for Best Writing for a Variety/Music/Comedy series. The nominees are always the same, or thereabouts: the writing staffs for Letterman, Daily Show, Conan, etc.. But, instead of the presenter just reading the list of names for each show, the show get to produce their own ~15sec pieces with the names.

In 2005, the Late Show submitted a bit where Alan Kalter voiced-over the writers' names in rapid succession with a different celebrity mugshot flashing by for each name. The beauty Nolte shot there was shown for the final writer -- Letterman himself. I probably laughed for two days.


Jasmine Bleeth all the way!

Go back to The Smoking Gun, and choose Glen Campbell.

I think you should go with George Clinton. Easily not the worst picture of the choices up there (I don't think Yasmeen (sp?) has ever looked worse), but just the fact that he always looks like that and has ever since the 60s... classic...

Prince of Tides.

Gotta go with Nolte. He looks better than he sounds, after all, and isn't that always a good thing?

I can't believe you passed up Rip Torn.

Is Macaulay Culkin a Spezza doppelganger or what?

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