Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Battle of Alberta Day

On behalf of Matt and myself, I'd like to invite all Oilers and Flames fans, from around the province and beyond, to the inaugural Battle of Alberta Day. The plan is to gather on January 20th in Edmonton, watch the Flames/Oilers game, hang out with fellow hockey loyalists, have some food and drinks, and taunt the fans of whichever team loses (no fighting allowed, though, unless it involves playful jersey pulling). Here is the itinerary:

Date: Saturday, January 20th, 2007
City: Edmonton
Time: Game at 8 p.m. Meet at 7.
Location: Hudsons Taphouse-Campus. 11113 87 avenue
Face Painting: Optional

Mr. Matt will be traveling up for the event, so you people in Calgary have no excuse not to come up. If all goes well--and I assume it will--we'll do one next year in Calgary. And so on. I have made reservations at the Hudsons Taphouse on the UofA Campus. We will have space in the games room in the back of the lower level. It has a big screen televison, as well as some smaller sets. They used to have bubble hockey down there, too, but I haven't been there much lately. I don't know if it's still there. Hudsons has some excellent drink and food specials during the 1st period of the game, and $2 highball specials starting at 9. Depending on how many people RSVP, and availability, I can get more space at that Hudsons, or look for alternate locations.

The game starts at 8, but I'm starting the event at 7. That way, people can mingle a bit before the game, order some food and drink, etc. We're also going to give away some prizes, and it will be based on who comes closest to predicting the final score and the goalscorers. As such, getting there before the game starts just makes sense.

Please RSVP your attendance to Matt and myself, through email.,

I hope many of you will be able to attend. The street hockey games have been a blast, and it's nice putting some faces to the comments. I'd especially like to meet Lowetide and Vic, if only to verify that they actually exist (and perhaps to get Vic to explain his code tutorials to me. I'm still lost). I'm half convinced that their real names are Foo and Kilroy.

Anything I'm missing, Matt?


Give me more of a heads up and maybe I'll head to Alberta next year.

What, ten days isn't enough for you? Man, you get more Toronto every day.

I was gonna make the trek west but seeing as how you only referenced LT and Vic...well then to hell with you!!!

Dennis! I just went with guys I thought would be close. You know you'd be on my list. Ike loves you, Kevin Nealon.

Have your people talk to Mirtle's people.

You forgot to mention one Battle of Alberta caveat: no stabbing.

I'll be there. Come find me for your very own "Edmonton handshake!"

$99.00 !!

Cmon, Joe. There's no charge. That number look familar? Or the numbers 5 and 1?

didn't steve smith wear #5?

Isn't #1 pee?


I have no idea what the numbers 5 & 1 could mean.

Think BoA, and think final score, on a grand scale.

My excuse for not coming will be either (a) my mom won't let me take the van to Edmonton, or (b) I got fucking robbed at Christmas, to the tune of almost $1,300. Of course, I may still wind up in the 780 area code that weekend, but I wouldn't count on it.

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