Wednesday, December 20, 2006


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Since they're playing again tonight, I thought I'd reset this bit from Razor on Monday:
I'm billboarding tonight's game between Columbus and Detroit as the "Central Division Cockfight"... Hitchcock vs Babcock, on Versus... I'll be calling this sure to be vicious cockfight with Hall of Famer Mike Emrick so I'd better have my head on a swivel.

I'm not getting anything from Santa am I?

Question for Americans: is his game colour anywhere near as good as his weblog?



Check out the "eargasms" portion (Aubible Razor) on his site. Razor's the colour guy I think... confirmation???

If that's the case, he's pretty damn good.


I can't believe you didn't mention this tidbit from the same blurb...

"The Kings backup goalie against the Stars on Saturday was a Japanese player named Fukufuji. (I kid you not) Coincidently, that is also what can be heard at Kodak Board Meetings every time Fuji lowers the price of it's disposable cameras."

joe... that was sad, but good.

As for Emerick. He and Clement were good in the 1980's doing Caps/Islander games for whatever that old network was (SportsNetwork or something like that)... but is now way past his prime and really confused. Same for Clement and JD.

The best part about center ice package is that I don't have to watch versus... though I did subscribe for a couple months to make sure I didn't miss oilers playoff games.

Ferraro on Sportsnet is my favorite. Though a close second just for entertainment value is this guy (name???) that does the commentaring for Pens games on FSN Pittsburgh. He has a funny accent and LOVES (I mean LOVES) every penguins player and spends great lengths of time expressing his adoration for anything that Crosby and co do... he's a total homer.

That is the funny thing about having all these hockey channels, some broadcast (esp in HD) are done so well that you can't help but watch two bottom dwellers play, but others are so bad you can't stand to watch teams that are actually good.

Question for Americans: is his game colour anywhere near as good as his weblog?

I don't watch much Razor (though I do have the Center Ice package), so I can't really answer this one.

Still, I think it's funny to pose a question to Americans about "Centre Ice" and "colour".

Speak our language when talking to us, dammit!

Speak the language of hockey Earl!

Speak our language when talking to us, dammit!

What language would that be Mr. President? Grade Six?

Bigger nets? Give me a break. I can't believe people are talking about this again.

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