Friday, December 01, 2006


Don't Stop Believin'

Warning: Not really a hockey post. Please ignore if you are not a fan of awesome late 70's, early 80's rock/power ballads. Hockey conversation continues below, and above.

"I'm forever yours, faithfully."

Only one thing can make me feel better after two Oilers losses of such magnitude. That thing is Journey. This one's for you, Sacamano.

Separate Ways

Don't Stop Believin'


Open Arms

Oh Sherry

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

Journey in Scrubs

Journey in Family Guy

Bonus Wedding Footage

Don't Stop Believin'

Bonus Bonus Footage

• Watch Yacht Rock for some Steve Perry references, as well. I believe episodes #3 and #4 do the trick.


Awesome! That is awesome!

How did you get footage from my wedding anyhow?

And Andy, don't you stop believing. Lowe will get us that Dman and it won't cost us Schremp or anybody who we want on our team! ;)

I hope the DMan helps, when and if we ever get him. I'm sceptical.

I'm pretty sure Sacamano is going to waste his weekend watching these. We share an affinity for the Journey.

I almost called this post, "Lovin', Touchin', SQUEEin'" in honour of Alana, Jordi, Loxy and the Prez.


Separate Ways.

That is the classic 80s video.

Whats weird is that everytime I see a video from the 80s I can only think - that was considered good music, clothing, hair, makeup etc etc at that time. I mean not in all cases - most of us knew that dressing like Michael Jackson, for example, was poor - but for the most part ...

No wonder I can't get with the times.

Check out the drummer.


I challenge anyone to show me a better 80's video than Separate Ways. I don't even know how they kept a straight face. I like the wall keyboard best, myself. Actually, the air key boarding all the way through is just amazing.

And is that Parros playing bass? The mustache has been confused.

She's just a small town girl...

Don't Stop Believin' is one of my all-time favourite songs. Thanks, Andy!

jean jacket - check
leather skirt and white high heels - check
80s make up - check
air guitar - check
mullet - check

bonus points

two moustaches
balding drummer
air keyboards
Steve Perry in a tanktop
classic 80s girl look

I have very legitimate reasons to hate that "Oh Sherry" song.


I dated a girl named Sherri, briefly. Lovely girl, and I think I sang that line to her each and every day. Oddly, she dumped me.

Ohhhhhh mercy. I'm weeping. Weeping. Why is it that we cry when we are happy?

Outside of MJ's Thriller and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours -- Journey is untouchable.

Another great story: one year, I gave out a copy of Rumours to all of my friends and family on their birthdays. Every single person got a copy on their special day. It's the gift that keeps on giving, really.

That wedding clip is Awesome with a capital A.

The Air Guitar solos, the imaginary mics and lighters -- Awesome, baby. I feel like I could climb a mountain.

Huge Ups to Laurie and Darryl Trell.

Jesus, Grabia!

You've just added some new spice to my marriage -- I've just discovered that Mrs. Sac is a massive fan of "Open Arms."

She's pulling off as good a Steve Perry impersonation as you will ever see from a 5'3" woman. I'm talking some emotion, friends.

Lying beside you, here in the dark...

Isn't that wedding clip fantastic? Abboud showed me that months ago. We watch it all the time.

Your wife could always get instructions from Shane on how to do Journey songs, as well. God bless his soul!

Big weekend for sacamano - maybe in nine months there will be a new little Oilers' fan.

Oilers and Sheffield United, wah?

Andrew Steven Perry Sacamano.

I love weddings - we have one in May back on the Island. I am going to get so drunk and I am going to make a total and complete ass of myself. Whooo!!!

Note to self: practise on the squeeing.

I'm way too young for this stuff. Way too young.

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