Sunday, November 26, 2006


The Skills To Pay The Bills

I had a good time at the Superskills Sunday event at Rexall today. It was packed, despite the freezing, freezing cold. There had to be over 15,000 people there. The boxes were empty, but that was about it. Some other notes:

• Marty Reasoner must be fine, as he participated in several of the competitions. Steve Staois, Ethan Moreau and Jussi Markkanen did not take part. I have no idea why Jussi wasn't there.

• Marc-Andre Bergeron won both the "Fastest Skater" and "Hardest Shot" competition. Matt Greene was the only other Oiler to get his shot over 100MPH.

• Joffrey Lupul won the "King of the Shootout" competition.

• As he went to take his first shot in the "Hardest Shot" competition, Jarret Stoll broke his stick. It was a hilarious moment, and the crowd ate it up. Stoll handled it really well. He was laughing as he fell to the ground, and he just kept on laughing.

• Petr Sykora won the "Shot Accuracy" competition, hitting four targets on five shots. He also gave the best interview of the day, noting that he would have been four for four if someone other than Laddy Smid had been passing to him, and that Hemmer couldn't get his shot up near the top targets.

• Even today, Dwayne Roloson was all business. The only time he cracked a smile was when Jason Smith scored on him during the shootout. I love that guy. Even during a competition for charity, Roli is out to win. And win he did. He looked awesome.

• Smytty of course go the biggest applause, but he looked angry all afternoon. I hope I am reading too much into that.

• The Oilers announced Chris Pronger's return to Edmonton two times. Both times, HUGE boos. And most of the people in the arena were under 12 (they must all be bloggers). It's going to be a gong show on Tuesday. The best part was that the announcer stated that the Oilers' televison partners weren't going to pick up the game against the Ducks, so the Oilers were offering to show it on pay-per-view. Riiiiiight. I'm sure the networks passed on that game, just like I'm sure the Oilers are showing it for $11.95 as some sort of public service.

• The White Team won the competition, 17-7. The lineup for that team was Roli, Smid, Greene, Smytty, Sykora, Pisani, Lupul, Winchester, Horcoff and Reasoner.


I think Jussi was at the dentist today.

It's great strategery:

Make Smyth so angry he won't settle for [i]anything[/i] less than 5 million a year.


italics should be input correctly!

What!? No Jussi!? Where's the fun in that!?

I don't know. I was over near the bench and Smytty seemed ok. He was joking around with Roli a bit towards the end, talked it up with a few of the peewee players and had his gorgeous daughters out with him on the ice for a bit and was definitely smiling then.

I was worried at the begining of the day as well because he seemed a bit off - Friday's game too I thought - but as the day went on he seemed ok.

I worry that we are all projecting.


I think the Canadian teams have decided they don't need to give away their games for free. If the buildings are SRO, and fans will pay $11.95 to watch at Odeon/Cineplex, or pony up for PPV, I'm surprised any games are on Sportsnet.
Here on the Wet Coast, I think I've only seen the Canucks twice on HNIC and once otherwise. If it weren't part of the basic cable package here, I wouldn't be paying for Sportsnet, that's how pointless it is.

Epinonymous, you want to use the <> brackets to encapsulate HTML not the [] ones =).

I worry that we are all projecting.

Me too, T.. Your insight makes me feel better about it all.

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