Monday, November 27, 2006


Pronger Roundup, Monday

I imagine more will trickle in as the day goes by, and I'll update.

• Kevin Lowe, in an article by Terry Jones.
"I'm not afraid to bad-mouth Chris Pronger."

• Chris Pronger, in the Edmonton Sun.
"It seems to be a bigger game up there. I don't know why."

• Joffrey Lupul, in an article by Derek Van Diest.
"People are going to come and boo and that's their right. If you buy a ticket, you can come and boo, that's fine, but hopefully it doesn't get too bad. Hopefully the fans will be a little more classy."

• Kelly Hrudey, in an article by Scott McKeen.
"I just think booing, overall, is a shameful thing to do. It makes no sense to me."

• Dan Barnes, in an article by Dan Barnes.
If you cut somebody off on the Santa Ana freeway in Anaheim, you might get shot. Do the same thing on the Whitemud in Edmonton and you might get a salute and a generous offer of free driving lessons.

***Bonus, non-Pronger related article***

• Cal Nichols, in an article by Dan Barnes.
"We've got to make sure we've got a government that deals in the public good, not private agendas. Too often it's too easy for certain people to get favours and deals."

"Cal Nichols? Hi, it's Irony. Just dropped by to say hello." If anyone had any doubt about the identity of the "anonymous backers" behind the idea to build a hockey arena in downtown Edmonton, this story should eliminate it.

Oh, and one more thing. Did anyone else notice that the Oilers "ugly jacket" is eerily similar to the coat worn by Reggie Dunlop in Slap Shot? I watched the movie last night, and only then put two and two together. It would make sense, especially sense Ryan Smyth has modelled his entire look after Steve Hanson.


I'm getting a little tired of Hrudey's moralizing. I still can't erase from my memory the time he pulled out a dictionary to define the word "sleaze" in defense of Bettman.


My favorite part was when he compared booing to bullying in the schoolyard. Because booing a millionaire is obviously the same thing as beating the snot out of the gay kid at school.

Hrudey's head seems to be getting too big for his bad hair cut (and apparently limited reasoning abilities).

Why are the Oilers so hush-hush about the ugly jacket? I demand more photos!

I think he left his little blue chiffon head band on a little too much at too tight a level. It's quite obvious that a lack of blood supply to his brain has molded his presnt thinking.

He's also a dogs dink for saying the Canes were going to win Game 7 last year in the second intermission.

Booing is the same as bullying? Jeepers, maybe Kelley should actually take Hockey Canada's Speak Out course (I'm an instructor) and actually learn what the definition of bullying is.

What a peckerhead!

That Barnes article reads like the typical "bash the other city on the eve of a playoff series" article. I love it.

The guy must have known that to decide to ask for a trade would leave a lifelong mark on his career (seriously, in 9 years or whenever he retires, can't you see newspaper articles, at least in Canada, writing "Pronger will be forever remembered in Edmonton not for his career, but for his decision to ask for a trade just days..") and bring about all the vitrol an entire city can muster... at least, I would have hoped he knew that, but in some articles he's seemed rather suprised by the anger he's stirred.

Whatever. He's made his bed, and I assume he's still ok with it. He should not be suprised in the slightest however at the reaction of Oilers fans.

Paraphrasing KLowe in FatMan's column:
"I can understand how people feel duped,'' he said. "They warm up to a player quickly. The player has a hell of a (career). The team has a (dynasty)...''
"I'm still shocked that any athlete would have to make that decision,'' he said without mentioning Pronger's wife once.
I wonder if KLowe mentioned Janet.

Yes! Lupul condones bullying! Lets see what else he can condone!
Alana: I feel mad that there's no more ugly jacket. Maybe it's really Smyth's jacket and he can't bring himself to say he owns it.

Wow, that McKeen article made me sick to my stomach. Fuck, man, don't compare this to "real grief". It just makes you look like an asshole. This is part of the gaaaame. I'm a girl, and I had crushes in junior high, so I am AWARE of seeming lame for behaving badly after a breakup. But you do it anyway. Jesus.

Pronger is set to meet the media at 6 p.m., our time. I hope it won't be as painfully pointless as the last time he had a press conference with Edmonton media.

That McKeen article is a riot. I agree in part with Hrudey -- I never got why someone would think booing (say) Todd Bertuzzi every time he touched the puck for a year was fun (or whatever), but "shameful"? Pffft.

Perhaps we are bearing witness to Hrudey's transformation from fan, to an emotionless, Bob McKenzie like cyborg.

Or maybe, as a product of having been a past resident of the City of Champions, he rightfully fears the impulsive nature of Edmonton's populace.

I also forgot to point out how Jones said that Smid is doing a great or excellent or some kind of a job. If he said he's anything other than an albatros who fucks up the rest of the D pecking order...then of course he's lying.

In fairness, it might be that he's stupid.

My favorite thing about that interview with Lowe isn't the comment about not being afraid to talk bad about Pronger--it's that little comment he makes about it being a nice subplot to the season that cracks me up. It's like a nice little Chris Pronger-centered NHL soap opera.

Ha ha, crazycoach-->blue chiffon headband. Hrudey is getting a little uppity, isn't he? Booing is like bullying? Puh-leez.

The articles I've read today have a similar theme: make sure we tsk tsk the fan and remind them that booing is not very nice. Ugh. It's a SPORTS GAME. Booing is part of it. Pronger is not the first player to get booed. The media is acting like this is breaking news.

I caught a bit of the Pronger news conference. Why bother with a no new news conference (from what I saw)? Pronger says he wouldn't do anything different. That pretty much tells me all I need to know.

I'll be at the game tomorrow booing my little heart out. Woo hoo!!

Rock on D!! I will be there also to boo.

Hey, let's Hrudy during After Hours after the game on December 30th against Vancouver.

McKeen (sigh)- save the guilt lazer for an issue that warrants it. We are talking about Pronger here, not some down on their luck hobo.

Did anyone else see that interview last year when Prong answered a kid's question about the new rules? Saying something to the effect of, "Well if they are going to call a penalty now, you'd better make sure you hurt the other player to make it count." He should be booed on "dangerous Atom advice" grounds alone.

I caught a bit of the Pronger news conference. Why bother with a no new news conference (from what I saw)?

He did the same thing three months ago. It was ludicrous. I didn't even bother looking for it tonight, as I knew it would be more of the same. Either his publicist is an idiot, or he needs to hire one.

At least it was in person this time and not that pathetic conference call he did in the summer.

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