Thursday, November 02, 2006


Oilogosphere Street Classic

Hells ya, we're doing this again. Location is still pending; we know where we want to go, we just need confirmation. It will not be a puddle bowl like last time, that is for sure. Those who are already on my list from the last game need not email us. We will contact you to see if you are in. If you haven't emailed Dave and I before, and you would like to play, contact Pleasure Motors at and me at All are welcome, and we hope you can join us. The last game was a blast.

I think I'm going to have to try and organize a BoA NHL 94 tourney next.



Genesis or Super NES?

Genesis, for sure.

Wrong answer, Grabia. I had my bag packed and everything.

SNES got me hooked on hockey, that's for sure.

Good call, Genesis is the only way to play.

BTW, a recent Sharks Page entry had this tidbit (though I haven't looked into it at all):

"More along my style, Eric McErlain recently pointed to an online league at They have ported the Sega Genesis and Nintendo versions of EA's NHL 94 title, and created 4 online divisions with over 80 players. Take a look. Signups are full for this season, but contact them to participate in the spring."

Might be worth looking into, and it's friendly for both consoles.

Ya, Cosh linked to it last week, too. The Tecmo Bowl emulators online are also fantastic.

Sadly, I'm with earl sleek: if one is going to play NHL 94, one must play it on the SNES. Then, a rousing game of FFVI. Or, um, wait--I've gone too far.

I never played it on the SNES, so I don't really know. Either way, as long as I get to be the Whalers, I'm happy.

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