Friday, November 03, 2006


Oilers Game Day-Stars

Record: 10-2-0Record: 7-5-0

Sorry folks. I've been very busy, so I haven't been putting much effort into the previews. That will change for the game against Le Club de Hockey Canadien, but not for tonight's. I do think it is going to be a great game, though. Most of the players from the rivalry days are gone, but it won't matter. The crowd's going to be revved up (liquored up), and some big hits from Raffi and Gator are going to set the tone early. Oilers fans will taunt Lindros just for something to do, and Smytty is going to be driving Turco batty all night long. As long as it doesn't go to a shootout, this dance belongs to the Oil.

Prediction: 5-3, Oilers. Torres, Sykora, Smytty (2) and Horcoff.



Go P.Boucher! More for my hockey pool results than anything else.

Turco with 6 PIM. Slashing, delay of game, and an unsportsmanlike conduct.

Other than that, it will be an incredibly close game played at a very good pace. Some sick chances at both ends.

Oilers 3-2(SO). Sykora with the winner.

Turco with 6 PIM. Slashing, delay of game, and an unsportsmanlike conduct.

Good call.

I'm on a plane on my way to Tokyo right now, and we just flew over Edmonton, like right over top. It's the closest I've ever been to the city, so i'm taking it as a positive omen.

Not that I have any idea when the game will actually be on, my sense of time is completely messed already.

Didn't Cosh have some post about Japanese hockey at one point?

My word verification is "edmokm." No lie. That is beyond creepy.

Have fun Julian!

Raffi, meet Eric. Eric's head, Raffi.

Actually, I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard, at this point, but it had to be said.

Why am I stuck watching the Flames game, SportsNet? WHY?

Hejda is finally in but in place of Shaggy?


I would know that if I could watch the game. Is SportsNet NOT showing this game?

Does SportsNet think this game starts at 8? WTF? WTF?

did malholtra score? yahoo says a save

the game that will never end

The lames went into OT, and then 12 shooters each in the shootout. I was cheering Mulholtra for ending that exercise in futility

That was the most painful shootout ever. Could Friesen have gone in any slower? He might as well have been in a wheelchair.

And I don't care about the OT. There's no reason they can't show the Flames game in Calgary, and switch over at the start of the Oilers game. I really don't get television networks.

manny scored. yahoo is wrong. what did i miss in the first ten minutes?

never mind, they changed it

Oilers are getting outshot 10 to 4.

Hejda is in. Instead of Shaggy.

How was that missed? Even Morrow said, "that's bad." And why is Roli pouting in the corner? Bad call, but they ain't gonna change their mind. Get back in the net, you crazy bastard.

10 to 4? Yikes. Hejda fell on that play. Bad break.

what happened?

all I see is Morrow - goal

Puck went to left side, Hejda had slipped before the play had even started, Morrow shot it, as he did so, Concussion Boy came through and knocked Roloson's stick out of his hand. Goal. Roli went Hasek. Now he is falling on everything. He better watch himself.

2-0. MacT looks like he's gonna kill someone.

no shots on the PP - 13-4 now

is it that onesided?

no shots on the PP - 13-4 now

is it that onesided?

I'm not allowed to say. Must stay Zen. It will all balance out, man.

Would it be fair to say this team plays like it thinks everything should just be handed to them?

Well, I'm not watching the game.

And the few I've seen they have not.

But I think some of the players (Horcoff) have alluded to the fact that they have gotten away from what made them successful in the spring.

Fridays Without Borders.

What's this all about?


You are joking, right? Please tell me you've watched Showcase on a Friday night before?

And then tell me no more.

Typical Turco goal. He gives us one of those every time we play him.

And I was just about to ask why Winchester is on the first line when we are down by two.

I can't even keep track of these line combos anymore.

Two man advantage. If there was a time for our PP to come through, it would be now.

I'd like to say here that I'm watching Ryan Smyth score at 36000 feet and 846 km/h over northern japan.

this is the coolest/geekiest moment of my life.

i did a little fist pump in my cramped quarters too.

Not a shot on net on the 5 on 3. I don't care about RiversQ numbers. This PP sucks.

Every Friday I can my friend.

Every Friday I can.

And as you said, we will leave it at that.

Wow. How the hell are you doing that Julian? TV or TVU?

wow, I'm way behind here

that's awesome Julian

my boss is in Turkey and I'm skyping him, between that and the porn and the blogging

Man, I love the interweb.

Are you two drinking together in Toronto? WTF? I have no idea what either of you just said.

And it's still DaVinci's Inquest or whatever here in Alberta. No FWB yet.

ok 7-1 shots for the Oilers

do you think MacT may have said something?

Smytty gets another

playing with Winchester and Stoll now

ok, so he'll produce with anybody; now what about Joffrey - I thought he was the natural goalscorer

Anybody know if Tjarnqvist is hurt?


yeah, TVU. Free wireless on Japan Airlines. Shame my battery will run out before the game is over. It's poor quality, but the novelty of it is amazing.

Odd i guess, i can watch the oilers play over the internet on an airplane, but there's no where on the plane to charge the laptop.

Anybody know if Tjarnqvist is hurt?

Healthy scratch, I think. Check CBS if you wanna know for sure.

Missed the lesbo. Damn.

Smytty is buzzing. We need to score on those PP chances though.

How does Hejda look? Is he holding his own?

Flames highlights on the Score. Man, I'm not the kneejerk type but I'm thinking Playfair is on a short leash.

What is with Roli and his inability to stop a shot from the point? And again with the goal with less than 2 minutes in a period.

Hejda seems fine to me. The puck has been in the Stars end for most of the 2nd, though. Smid looks all kinds of awesome. And yet we are down 3-1. I don't know how that even happened.

Takes away from everything they did that period.

Oh well, 6am comes early - good night boys. Safe flight Julian although I think when I get up tomorrow you'll still be up there.

Beauty goal by Smytty huh?

End to end.

Road trip might be the best thing for this team - five games in seven.

Could bury them too.


Well, if Hejda does alright after not playing for a month then he better be in there next game.

And good for Laddy.

Blender going on D tonite. Had 2-5 out there together. Smid looks great. Other than falling on the first goal, Hejda is not noticeable in either a good way or a bad way. I just peeked at the super stats and he is getting least icetime and has 3 giveaways.


The whole team is on Blender tonight, besides 83-71-15.

Toby Peterson on the PP? Just shoot me now.

I'll give you one thing Grabia - the blender on the PP is all time stupid. The personnel on the last one was ridiculous. They wasted just over a minute of PP time on the other guys rather than getting your best five players out there. That's called overthinking it.

They also need to get Hemsky back on the LW boards. My theory is they want him on the RW boards to set up Sykora. That's pointless and it's hurting them right now.

One other thing - Smyth has been playing great. The best Oiler tonight to my eye.

Anyone else see this: Hejda seems to run around a bit in his own end. Not in a chaos(Bergeron) style, but unusual.


My lord, only one shot 9 mins in. The only game these guys are thinking about is the poker game on the plane tomorrow night where the winner gets a lap dance a Club Supersexe on St. Catherine's.

This game is like watching paint peel. Is there anyone even left in the stands? It's like a morgue in there.

And yes, Smytty has played great.

I think MacT has single-handedly killed the confidence of Torres, Horcoff, Stoll, and Pisani.

Club Supersexe on St. Catherine's.

Oh, we know where it is. ah, Supersexe.

I think MacT has single-handedly killed the confidence of Torres, Horcoff, Stoll, and Pisani.

I agree. The old mix up experiment seems to be a total miss. No chance to gel or grow. Brutally evident now we are playing good teams.

71 scores. Hail Mary time once again.

hall-z said...
Brutally evident now we are playing good teams.

I'd like to know when the Oilers were not playing good teams this year? :rolleyes:





Screw job, twice tonight.

The guy that dropped the puck knows that's not a gloved pass. Unfucking real.


Love reading Staois' lips: "you fat fuck."

I am listening to the radio. Rod Phillips is going to go kick McG's ass. What happened? Was there a gloved pass?

Well that was two horrible calls in one night. Hard to believe.

No, they blew the call.


No gloved pass. It was Horcoff's stick. Mr. Magoo was behind about four players, on the wrong side of the ice. No way he should be making that call. Just brutal. I wish we could officially protest the game, like in baseball.

Nope, no gloved pass. Horcoff won the draw with his hand well down on the stick. McGeough made that call from the other corner of the rink.

Any reason why the linesman that dropped that puck and was looking at Horcoff win the faceoff can't tell McGeough he was wrong? A baseball style conference would have solved that one.

I'd like to know when the Oilers were not playing good teams this year? :rolleyes:

Caps, Flames x2, Phoenix x2

Any reason why the linesman that dropped that puck and was looking at Horcoff win the faceoff can't tell McGeough he was wrong? A baseball style conference would have solved that one.

Totally agree RiversQ.

And Tyler, just report it. Staois called him a fat fuck from the bench.

"McGeough, you fat fuck."

Then your parents can't get mad at you. Plus, what are you twelve? You swear on this site all the time.

Mac T just called MacGoo "spasmotic" and the call "retarded." Right on.

Pretty sure, but not certain - gloved pass, high stick and the like can be called by the linesman.


Youve dropped fat fuck like six times on here now. You'll be number one on Google with that phrase before long.

As for the call, it was too loud for them to sto playing. Turco said he heard it, but he said he didn't stop playing. It happened so fast, there is no way people stopped playing.

As for who makes that call, the closest ref should do it. I don't know if the rules allow the linesman to do it. He certainly could have advised in a group huddle, though. Just stupid.

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