Sunday, November 19, 2006


It's a League Game, Smokey

Anyone in Calgary attend Rhett Warrener's "Retro Bowlerama" last night? If so, did it involve Dion Phanuef leaving his feet and blindsiding pins? Did Jeff Friesen roll a 1? Was Roman Hamrlik in charge of the jukebox? Did Darren McCarty cover his bets? Was Jamie McLennan able to get any lateral movement on the ball? Did Tony Amonte have one good frame, surrounded by twenty to thirty others where he consistently gutterballed? These are the things I'd like to know.

Joking aside, the event was for a good cause. I hope it raised some quality dough.

Friesen did roll a 1 though, right? For a prize of $1.6 million dollars?


Well, he was OVER THE LINE!

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