Saturday, November 04, 2006


"It was a retarded call"

If MacT gets fined for his comments about Mick McGeough, I think we should help pay it. I could even set up a Pay Pal account. Sure, he's a rich man, but he's gonna take that bullet for all of us. It would be a nice symbolic gesture...


I'm sure everyone can cover that fine easy, I'll be happy to send a simple sorry/get well card. And chocolates.

Oh he'll be fined, but it was well worth it. One of the better post game coaching tirades this year.

If you're going to end up donating it to the CNIB, why not just telex the money over to McGeough and cut the middle man?

MC has it right. CNIB if MacT won't accept.

I guess I better get the Pay Pal up and running.


Count me in for a twoonie.

MacTavish's tirade was a riot. And he will be fined for sure.

He is also going to end up having to make some sort of public apology to all the real retards and spastics out there (most of whom would not have blown that play dead).

But, MacT can afford it. Go Flames.

That is acutely hilarious, i.e. great idea. Considering MacT's exact wording though, you many want to consider sending half the donation to the VRRI, or whatever the Edmonton equivalent is.

I'm in for $5.

Frig, put me down for 20 bucks.

Publicity for the Oilogosphere, possible help for a charity, and a bigtime statment from the fans on what a horrendous fuck-up this was.

I love it!

Who else simply can't wait for HNIC's pregame show and Coaches Corner tonight? Hockecentral on SN is even going to be a hoot...

First off:
1. The NHL should fine McGeough. (he conceded he made a mistake)
2. The Stars should then pay McGeough the value of the fine.
3. Who said you can't buy wins...

As I have often said the NHL need fewer subjective rules and this is a classic example (who would've thought a hand pass was subjective). If they could've not blown the play down and just reviewed to see if there was a hand pass (let's say a 20 seconds rule) you'd solve the problem.

Of course you can still blow down hand passes, you just add the rule that you can call off a goal because of a hand pass and the referees will have less pressure (no guessing). Just think how mad the Stars would be if there was a hand pass and no whistle (although I often find the a little easier to swallow).

I did not see the game and when i turned on the highlights, the first thing I saw was the MacTavish interview, where he was saying something like ' ... acting spastic in the corner ...' and I immediately understood that MacT had some sort of issue with a Magoo call. While seeing the Oilers get jobbed causes me no pain (and maybe even some joy), Magoo has been a disaster for years. That guy should be more than suspended, he shouldn't even be in the best league in the world.

His comment that it was 'a judgment call' makes no sense to me. If he sees a hand pass, blow the whistle; if he doesn't, don't blow it. That's not something you exercise jusgment on. If he thinks maybe a hand pass might have happened, good judgment might be to let the guy who dropped the puck make the call.

Do it. I agree completely. You'll receive 10 bucks from me.

I'll donate all the loose change in my car (there's a lot there!).

I was still so agitated today that I even posted about it, and I usually only blog about my kids.

Meh, we can at least take a $50 bite out of it or something!

Anyway, I'm totally onboard wit this. Awesome idea.

I keep trying to sign up for PayPal, but it won't work. It won't move past the sign up page. I'll keep trying.

$10 000? Little harsh. But I think we could do it. 10 bucks from a 1000 Oilers fans?

I don't even get why hand passes are blown down anywhere. How is that different from blowing down kick-passes way back when?

I know a lot of inappropriate things 10,000 could buy. Any rich benefactors?

I'm in for $10.
$20 if MacT atones for his "retarded" comment by donating a tidy sum, $10,000ish, to a charity of Joey's choice.

It's up. Look on the top left of the page. I'll do a full post later tonight. Identify it as being for the "MacTavish Fund" in the last step, or else I'll count as a donation to the "Matt, Hugh and Andy Fund."

Andy, let me just say that you are taking the Oilogosphere to a new level.

'Raises glass'

To you sir.


Seems the Flames fans weren't too happy with McGeough last year (in a game against Edmonton)...

Quote from that:

"I cannot see how you can let a team bowl over another's goaltender without a call....which should be blown down and a two mintue penalty for goaltender interferance should be called in the "New" NHL, and a crackdown on obstruction only crack down when Calgary is doing it."

Well, he did a good job of making the same call against the Oilers the other night, which resulted in a goal. Hey, at least he's consistently shitty, right?

I'd like to propose a little idea here:
Next year, each team can name ONE ref that is black-listed from reffing their games. If a team thinks one ref is out to get them, then he goes on the list. The result will be consistently poor refs won't get work because they'll be black-listed by the teams that don't like them. Do a search on Google and you'll find a lot of people complaining about McGeough's style of reffing, and they're fans of many teams.


Hats off to you, sir. You have my support. Magoooo was reffing the Wild/Sharks game last night -- thank god our PK doesn't suck as much as his judgment.

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