Sunday, November 26, 2006


It Takes Millions of Nations to Hold Us Back

As most of you know, Matt and I are apathetic citizens terribly averse to making political points on this site (eyeroll). But I was looking at the Oilers main page tonight--thinking about Superskills Sunday (which I will be attending), as well as some of the stuff I have been reading on the blogs of Paul Wells, Andrew Coyne, and Warren Kinsella about nation-building week in Ottawa (this Michael Bliss article is especially blisstering)--when I stumbled upon the following image:

I know it's not really hockey related, but I thought it was too damn funny (in a painfully ironic sense) to ignore.

Feel free to nicely yell and scream at each other in the comments. It's probably more debate than we'll hear in Parliament next week.

I'll have something up on the Superskills event by Sunday night.


Not quite sure i get it.... is the funny part the inclusion of a corporate brand amongst other signs of Oiler fandom? Or is it that Alberta should be considering an "Oil Country" and this point deserves consideration in this time of "nation building"?

If I'm gonna start ranting and raving, I usually need a little direction...

The above was me, BTW....

And that Bliss article is quite good indeed, though the impression I got was "if we'd just ignore it, it'll go away". Might be true, but it's probably just a matter of time until the next referendum.

For the record, believing that there are human varieties that can be validly called "nations" does not make anybody a handmaiden of Hitler.

True, but throwing the term around for political gain isn't a wise idea, either.

Right on Colby. Trudeau and his so-called values can stay buried.

With such great ammunition for Gameday posts as this sort of thing, isn't it again a shame that we only play the Habs twice in 3 years, rather than say twice a season?

That's exactly the way I feel about Ignatieff opening his fat yap in the first place. Starting a crisis and ending it are two different things.

Agreed again on the first part. But I have some land to sell you if you think it will end things.

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