Wednesday, November 29, 2006


"I need your vote, pardner"

**There are three days left in voting for the Canadian Blog Awards, and the Battle of Alberta needs your help. We came second in Round 1 behind the pretty funny RaptorBlog, and although the running tally for Round 2 (and Final) hides the blog names, I assume we are sitting second again.

It looks like this: RaptorBlog went out to about a 100-vote lead before Andy noted on Monday morning what was going on; since then, the margin has stayed the same. I'm certain that with your 3 votes (today, tomorrow, and Friday), we can take the lead on the homestretch. Please and thank you!

(FYI, the header of this post comes from the classic Limp Handshake episode of King of the Hill.)

**Steve Ovadia points to a Scott Burnside piece excoriating the Blackhawks organization, saying, "'s just a little angrier than I'm used to." Indeed, although the Razor's take (employed by the NHL's broadcast partner!) is both funnier and more devastating:
The game tomorrow should be a treat, what with the Hawks firing another coach and going in yet "another direction".

What a short-sighted, Neanderthalian, and moribund orginaization they are.

How many times a day do you think Robidas, Klemm, and Barnaby thank the hockey gods that they're not there anymore. And Modano must break into cold sweats when he is reminded that he could have signed with them.

We'll be the only TV for the game (the Blackhawks don't televise home games, smart marketing) and there is sure to be a few thousand faithful on hand to sparsely populate the UC for Denis Savard's debut behind the bench.

Good times!


**Don't tease me, Butch! From John Buccigross' column this week (where incidentally, he's switched to pimping Jagr for MVP instead of SNied), as he watches Rangers-Sabres:
16:47: The Sabres are trying to milk this one-goal lead. Rangers fans are booing Ozolinsh. Enter Sandman, exit Sandman. He'll be an Oiler by the new year.

Make the deal, K-Lo! Anyway, further down the page Butch also has a pretty awesome chat with Ray Ferraro: I seriously think most Oiler fans would agree 90+% with his assessment of the team.

Also, it looks like Adam Proteau has someone else to laugh at:
Butch: What's your take on the head injury debate going on and will the league ever have full helmet protection like the NFL?

Ferraro: I think the full face shield in minor hockey and college hockey has resulted in higher NHL hits. I think the full facial protection hurts the game. The more we protect the players, the more dangerous it gets because there is no regard for safety. They haven't done enough with the equipment. They are way too hard. The elbow pads are way too hard. The equipment is too hard and the contact is too hard because guys are coming faster because the clutching and grabbing is gone.

Add another name to the "old people" + "resistant to change" file, eh Adam?


Did I read that right or does Burnside question why Denis Savard is in the Hall of Fame? Wouldn't that lack of judgement disqualify him from ever opining on hockey again?

I dunno... I think Burnside could make a compelling argument there if he did say that. The HHOF is pretty much a total joke anyway. Savard had one 2nd All-Star team nomination his entire career and never won any other NHL awards. I would defer to Lowetide on this one as he's the HOF expert in the Oilogosphere, but Savard's probably not in a real HHOF.

So... if you and RaptorB are first and second, where am I?

We are closing the gap, people! Keep voting! Mirtle, throw your support behind us, and we might find a post in cabinet for you. Public works is a doozy. You could build thousands of rinks around the country. Think of the power!

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