Thursday, November 16, 2006


Front Page Challenge, cont'd. cont'd.

Building on Part I, and Part II, my boy Avi drops some science on a new Oilers arena at SportsMatters. Whatever you were going to do today, add reading this to your list.



I hate the idea of public money being spent to make extremely rich man even more extremely rich.

BUT ... this Province is awash in cash and seems to have no idea how to spend it (they could tax me a lot less, but that's a different subject). If the Province were to announce some Jubilee Auditorium style legacy projects that involved new arenas in Calgary and Edmonton (and comparable projects in other centers) on the basis that facilities of this kind enhance the local community, build civic pride, are part of the fabric of modern urban life, blah blah I probably would not be too choked.

If they were to defend such projects on phony baloney econimic grounds, or because of team blackmail, I'd be pretty choked.

Consistency is not one of my strong points, I guess.

Go Flames.

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