Friday, November 17, 2006


Flames Game Day

The streaking Flames host the streaking Wings tonight at the 'Dome (7PM MST, RSN West). There's a couple of historical-type hooks to the game:

1) The Wings have tied their franchise record with 9 consecutive wins, a figure that has been in most of the game previews. However, according to Peter Maher, this is the 6th time the Wings have won 9 straight, and they've lost the 10th the previous 5 times. (The most recent of these was last season, when they lost #10 in Edmonton -- to an OT goal by the much-beloved Raffi Torres.)

2) Detroit came into Calgary last season at this same time under very similar circumstances. The Flames were riding a 7-game winning streak, and the Wings were 15-3-1. My prediction was "..the streak comes to an end with a non-close result..."; then the Flames came out and played one of their best games of the year, winning 3-1. (They followed up by laying an egg against the Blackhawks, who incidentally are in town Tuesday.)

The human interest angle from George Johnson in the Herald today is what A2Y elegantly dubs the "Chris Chelios is really frigging old, but still playing and playing well" angle. I guess Wings fans would be sick of it, but it's remarkable:
He's been a healthy scratch in just 1 of 17 games; he plays 17:01/Gm; and he leads the team in SH TOI/Gm. His 45th birthday is in January. Wow.

The Flames have still never won a shootout at home (0/3). Prediction: tonight's the night. 1-1 thru 65 minutes, followed by: Amonte goal, Kipper save, Iginla goal, Kipper save, victory horn and large blasts of fire over the slot at both ends. Go Flames.


The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Chelios these days is that "You're Uglier Than Ricci" sign.

I also think of "Chelios Wears Pink Panties."

I used to hate his guts. But now I like the way he just ignores guys who beak off to him. Like they are beneath his dignity. Like they aren't even there. Very cool.

My favourite Chelios sign was from last year's playoffs. It was written in Jiffy marker on the torn cardboard from a beer box, and carried by a guy who looked a bit fucked up. "CHELIOS SMELIOS". Simple yet elegant.

I like the guy though.

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