Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Flames Fans = n+1

Depending on your perspective, I will either have much worse or much better seats for tonight's Battle of Alberta. While Andy is easily blending with the Edgy Rexall Crowd, I'll be perched in a private room at the Lethbridge Regional Hospital, with my wife and the newest member of my family:

Abby (3rd in the series!) was born last night, and she and Mom are doing well. Hope everyone enjoys the game tonight. And (duh) -- Go Flames.

Sacamano Edit:
If it wasn't already obvious, it should now be abundantly clear that Matt and I were born to start the BofA blog. Both of our daughters were born on the eve of a Battle of Alberta. Grabia -- you had better get cracking. Congratulations Fenwicks -- we can't wait to meet her!


"Come on baby...Canada just got knocked out of the Olympics and I'm horribly depressed."

Bass line.

(Truth be told, I was hoping that nine months back was in early May of 2006 so that I could suggest that there was nothing else for a Flames fan to do at the time. I'll settle for pointing out that Calgary lost in the first round and got shutout at home in a silent G7.)

Congratulations Fenwicks!


She's beautiful.

Congrats Fenwicks!

congrats Matt and family!

So in the BoA it's Matt 3, Andy 1.

Congrats Matt, and get that Mojo going Andy.



Too bad she's being actively brainwashed as we speak.


awww. Congrats!

How adorable! Congratulations to you and the family!

Love the hat. Gotta start 'em young.

Yippee!! Sorry about your lamo-o team, Abby; but, sadly, you can't pick your parents.

Well done Mrs. F.

Matt, when I suggested you name the baby after me, little did I know how close I would get:

Andy+Grabby (Mirtle's nickname)=Abby

I think it's a good sign. GOILERS!!!

Congrats Matt. She's a knockout.

Abby's birthday celebrations will be a lot happier than Andy's tonight, for sure.

Go Flames.

I'm with you, Peter. I've spent most of my life trying to recapture the feeling of my first Flames loss.

Congratulations! A new generation of fangirls is up and coming! Teach her well.

Congrats Matt.

Congratulations, it's a girl!

Congrats Fenwicks!

That is one cute baby.

You're making it more and more difficult to hate the Flames.

Congrats, get your sleep!

I just realized I came in here and took a shot at Peter without even mentioning the baby.

Congratulations! Are you planning on graphing the post title?

Lowetide said...
You're making it more and more difficult to hate the Flames.

Pfft, that's nonsense. Look at what they're doing to poor helpless little babies! First it's "Here's your Flames toque" and next thing you know in a couple of years it's "No, I don't care what your teacher said I didn't come from no monkeys." If anything it's only easier now.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick and best of luck to Abby.

Look, she's already bored!

Good work, Fenwick.

Cool! Congratulations, Matt!

Battle of Alberta: 4 Children

Covered in Oil: written by childless man spinsters


She's a little cutie for sure.

Congratz to all involved.


Gak, what an ugly kid.

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