Monday, November 27, 2006


Blog Awards

Thanks to your support, Battle of Alberta has made it into Round 2 of the Canadian Blog Awards, in the "Best Sports Blog" category. Mirtle also made it into the 2nd Round. Voting will be open until Friday, with voters being allowed to vote once a day. I'll leave a button up on the sidebar for any who wish to support us, or others, in the competition.



So when do I start appealing to Mirtle supporters to switch their vote to us? And when do I run negative on Raptor Blog? Now?

Raptor Blog actually announced he wants to increase basketball's presence in our cities. Canadian cities. Children with basketballs. In our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up.


More importantly, when can we expect Raptor Blog to start fearmongering about a Western Canadian blog winning?

basketball in canada? what a bunch of sick fuckers.

Quick, replace those basketballs with lacrosse sticks! For the safety of our youth!

Nobody outside the GTA gives a rat's a** about basketball. Nobody.

will BoA recognize Leafs Nation as a nation within Canada to try to win votes?

Naw, something like that would be ridiculous.

Good luck guys.

Do you think RaptorBoy just walks around TO, hitting up internet cafe's and voting for himself 30 times a day?

'Cause that's what I would do.

Hey, common now — there's always room for a second place hockey blog.

Haven't you seen Highander, James? There can be only one!

will BoA recognize Leafs Nation as a nation within Canada to try to win votes?

As a hockey federalist, I have to say no. Again, there can be only one. Plus, those people in the GTA have been living off Alberta's hockey prowess for way too long. When are you people gonna win a Cup, already?

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