Saturday, October 28, 2006


Oilers/Capitals-Open Thread

We're at home, so we win. Hell, we better win this game.

Prediction: 4-3 Oilers, in shootout. Horcoff, Lupul, Smyth. Fernando gets the go-ahead in OT, and Roli stones Ovechkin to win the game.

Out for the day playing street hockey. Let 'er go in the comments, people. It's your show today.


If Johnson is in net, the Oilers will dominate.
The Canucks had 44 shots, the avs 48.

Fernando gets the go-ahead in OT

I'm certain you meant in the SO, but we'll forgive you as you're likely too giddy to care with the big game only hours away.

Was hoping to watch the 'Nucks v. Caps to see what was coming our way but got interupted by the pesky World Series. Stupid Tigers.
Hope you didn't wreck your arm for all eternity with all those rookie IP's JV. Anyway, hockey. Go Oil! 5-2 for the The Oil. Sykora gets 4, Smytty redirects what would have been his fifth. Methinks the boys got a bit of a skate yesterday and will come out gunning. Greene will knock a consonant off Alex O's jersey and Smytty gets his SH on the ensuing PK.

The Caps will be playing their third game in four nights and the second game in two nights after a tough SO loss last night. Not only that, but their backup goalie will be in net.

Yeah, the Oil should win this one, but you never know.

And Chris! - I was having the same problem trying to post in Firefox, but switched over to IE and didn't have the problem. Odd, but that's Blogger sometimes, I guess.

Go Caps!

I sure hope that Pisani can ramp it up... I am wondering where that playoff performer from last year is hiding?
I think it is only amatter of time before he starts to shine again.

Hey, you can post today?

I don't know how it worked. It kept telling me there were errors, but it worked.

Smytty, nice.

Where didi I see as goal scored like that before? mmmm... Gretzky... against the Flames... '89 maybe.

Do you think Jim Hughson's hand hurts from jerking off to Ovechkin all game?

That has to be a candidate for ugliest goal of the year.

Hmm. 2-for-6 on the powerplay. Are you still worried, Andy?




Blogger isn't working. The link is here. Make fun of the shoes all you want. It's my socks that look ridiculous. But it was too messy out there to worry about fashion.

Smytty, nice.

Where didi I see as goal scored like that before? mmmm... Gretzky... against the Flames... '89 maybe.


Raffi Torres, game three vs. San Jose, 2006.

Not sure of the correct forum to bring this up, but since I don't have my own blog, I'll rant a bit here.

I like the shootout as much as the next fan, it's exciting and is always nice to get some sort of conclusion at the end of any competition. But I really don't think it helps the game to reward losing. Looking at the standings, there are only 9/30 teams in the league with sub .500 records, and a lot of that has to do with the extra point that is given for losing games in OT or the SO. I know the extra OTL/SOL points helped the Oilers get into the playoffs last year, but it doesn't seem right to see a team like the Oil have a respectable 7-4 record and be barely above the playoff cut line, at the same time have the Leafs sitting at 5-7 and have a similar standing in their conference. I know this is an unfair comp because of the different conferences and all, but the numbers sort of look silly: 7-4 <> 5-7.

I realize that the league added the OTL point as an incentive to eliminate the ultra-conservative OT play of the mid 90's, but it doesn't seem to be useful anymore with the inception of the SO. If they gave 0-points for any loss, and only 1-point for a SO win, that would still give teams an incentive to get it done in the OT period and wouldn't reward the losers. Right now, bad teams can still "play for the tie" in the 3rd/OT periods because they know they can still get their 1 point regardless. Lets get rid of this.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Anyone else think Petterson looked pretty good and really fricken fast last night?

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