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Oilers Game Day-Canuckleheads II, The Wrath of Pisan

Record: 3-2-1Record: 3-2-0

I must admit, I missed most of last night's game. I saw the last 8 minutes, maybe. So I'll let you all tell me what the hell happened.

So...what the hell happened?


I only saw the 1st period, but it was sloppy and spent almost entirely in our own zone.

Staois seemed like he especially was having an off night.

If only we had some big defender that could clear the zone well. Say maybe 6'6" 225... Maybe we could package up Smid and Lupul, maybe a couple picks. It would need to be someone good though, like say... oh wait, nevermind.

Actually, I've been happy with the team so far. The defense is OK, but needs to be more physical and better at clearing the puck out to people rather than just firing it off the boards. All these guys are quality 2nd/3rd pairing guys... we are just missing the #1 guy

They had a bad game. Except for the flourishes of offence, the Oil had no transition. Hemsky looked like he was having a particularily off night. He'd dance into the Vancouver zone, only to lose the puck or by checked or pass it back to no body. The Oilers defence looked good, especially MAB, until the canucks managed to sustain any pressure in the Oilers zone.

I stopped watching after the 2nd period.

The Vaunted Oiler attack had 17 shots.

Keep that up and we'll start calling them Edmonton Northern Flames. Then again, the Flames did score 4 their last game, so maybe that is giving them too much credit.

They had our number. They obviously watched a few tapes of our first games this season.

"The Oilers defence looked good, especially MAB"

Well that's the problem -- it was the Bizarro Oilers out there last night! Who let K.Lo try out his duplicating ray in the dressing room?

Anonymous is right. The Oilers couldn't get anything going on the rush, as the Canucks pressured the puck all night and clogged up the neutral zone. Yeah, the Canucks trapping! WTF?
So you didn't miss much. Canuck fans however, were treated to a defensive clinic!
Tonight's game will be awesome, and tougher for the Canucks for sure.
Go Nucks!

Another banner night for the Oilers' 'terrifying' offence, which has been terrifying for exactly 2 periods out of 15 this season.

It's hard to strike terror in the other team when you can't get the puck past your own blue line, or when you do, Alice makes some pretty behind the back pass to nowhere.

Go Flames.

By the way, sweet thread title, even if you crammed it in like Shatner into a girdle, I still love it!

You guys get a shot at a winless backup goaltender tonight, so I expect a 'more exciting' contest, if anything.

He's also a 'lossless' backup goaltender at this point.

As I ran around the bar, I managed to catch glimpses of Roloson doing everything he could manage, a surprising supporting cast attack for the Canucks, and a reprieve of the last few years' Hemsky losing it in the offensive end.

From what I saw in the last two periods, the Oil pretty well took the night off. Other than brief glimmers of potential, there was squat. They were full marks for that loss.

You know, our PP is probably clicking along at about 60% when it finally gets set up. Too bad it only gets set up about one time in three.

I was at the game. Love how they play the Beatles during TV time-outs at the Car-hole. When I think of hockey, I think of "Strawberry Fields Forever".

The problem was that the Oilers kept on trying to skate with the puck into the offensive end while the Canucks had 4 guys lined up at the blueline. Too Sexy! Zero forecheck! Thoresen looked good though. Does he like death metal?

Dennis- what's the etiology of the nickname "Dys"? It's something I must have missed out on.

Also- would it be foolish to expect a much improved performance at home? I'll likely only be viewing the third period. Don't want to arrive home to find another clusterfuck on ice like last night.

Sabourin's career record is 0-4-0. Hence the winless.

Can you call the Canucks a trappping team, when they outshot the Oilers 37-18.
If you guys actually watched the game, instead of Hemsky's dangles, then you would notice its a 1-2-2 system.
The same system the Oilers used last April and May and even June.


Unless I'm confusing your terminology or I've misunderstood, I don't follow you here. A 1-2-2 IS the trap, by definition. And the Canucks were NOT playing a hard trap last night, nor were the Oilers in the playoffs. Granted it isn't really easy to tell last night on TV with so few wide shots.

Hockey is a simple game, and I would Tivo the game and throw up some video clips, I'd certainly see things that I'd missed watching live, and so would most people I expect. Hockey is a simple game but the nuance matters at this level.

But I'm far to lazy, that downloading video from a VR and cropping it and uploading to to YouTube business ... bloody time consuming. I'm holding out for someone like Matt, mudcrutch, Dennis etc to make the effort. :)

I can't get this TVU on my Mac, and it angers me.

Oh well, I saw Iginla completely blow a breakaway chance in Montreal.


Can I just note, for the record, how much Buffalo scares the shit out of me? 9-0? Scary.

9-1 Andy, come on, get your facts straight!

Oh yeah, me too.

Saw bits and pieces but essentially the second half of the second and first five minutes of the third was unbelieveable. They blitzed them. Maxim Afennafenna got a breakaway - of course he stickhandled through four guys to get that breakaway.

Some new guy I've barely heard of fired a laser that Georges Vezina couldn't have stopped.

Crazy shit. And Jaro Spacek actually hit the net on the one timer on the PP.

mc - what the Christ is CI? I live in the same city as you and haven't the foggiest idea of what you are talking about.

Of course, I'm almost twice your age too.

I think MC means the Hockey package, Pat.

And the guy's name was Terd; it would have been rude to address him otherwise.

Crazy shit. And Jaro Spacek actually hit the net on the one timer on the PP.

Now I know you're f**ing with me.

Exhibit A for why Alex Hemsky is so infuriating. He had a WIDE OPEN net with five seconds left, and he tried to pass it through two guys.

Centre Ice.


I remember kicking that idea around last year. Might have ended in divorce.

OK, Tyler, you're actually watching the game. MAB has played 7:33 in the first period.

What gives?

Cruised into the slot and drilled it, low, right in there.


Is he doing alright? Maybe they figure if they get him out there against some easier opposition, have Horcoff, etc. out there to protect him, maybe he'll get some confidence?

Yes? No? AS LT says, take a nap?

That was an awful play by MAB. But the Hemsky non-shot was worse.

And any bets on whether Robert Esche and Bobby Clarke get into a fist fight tonight? Maybe Clarke can send him to Vancouver as a mea culpa for Kesler. Looks like Vancouver could use a backup.

This powerplay makes me want to hang myself. I may need to start a petition.

I just had to go clean up. Glenn Healey actually made a reasonable point and I shit myself.

Glenn Healey? What game are you watching?

1 shot on 4 Powerplay chances. Where's RiversQ? I need to tell him to eat it.

How was that hit on Hemsky not a penalty for Ohlund? WTF? I'm telling you, we need a goon. People are taking liberties with Hemmer.

I was watching Sabres/Flyers.

Man, I hate the Flyers.

Watching Afennafenna go around Hatcher like he was a statue was a beautiful thing.

Gotcha. That Afinagenov goal was retarded.

Why do they have two teams covering the game? There is no need. I could have handled Hughson and Garrett instead of Quinn and Ferarro.

Is MAB playing with Staios - Greene and Smid look like they have equivalent icetime.

Ferarro is going after the Oilers PP. I now love him.

No offense to Canucks fans, but how the hell did we lose to this team last night? They look like a group of Midget players out there. And yet, we're only winning 2-0, so I don't know what that says about us...

Forget Torres, I'd be benching Hemsky right now. He looks f**ing lost out there.

I'm looking at the icetimes and can make no sense of what's going on. Smyth has over 16 minutes? I guess he's taking Torres' icetime?

And Thoresen is getting a decent amount of ice again. How has he been looking?

The only way you're going to get outshot and lose to Vancouver is if they outwork you. There just isn't much offensive talent on that team (heh, now there's a shocker).

Luongo has been brilliant in a few games though.

Thoreson has played quite a bit Pat. The Canucks have taken 4200 penalties, so everything is out of whack. Smytty is often playing the full two minutes of the PP. He isn't tired, because the Oilers only control the puck for about 15 seconds per powerplay.

Looks like Hemsky has continued where he left off last night.

I only listened to the first period, but outside of goals, I gather that I didn't miss much.

Reasoner, Hemsky and Thoresen? Huh?

By the way, looks like I left an anonymous message about 624 comments ago.

Even at a 10% PP success rate, this game would be a blowout. Too bad we're operating at a 0% clip on 8 chances.

Sykora might be hurt, or in shit. He hasn't played since about the 7 minute mark.

Damn, there goes my shutout for Jussi. How is this game even close? My God.

Chopper has been our best player.

I feel another PP post coming on. I may need some help from the numbers losers. Of course, I don't think you're losers, but MC is throwing the word around so casually, I have to fight back.

I thought MC was throwing around the term "dick" but what do I know?

My God. Talk about playing down to the level of competition. Someone in management should be choked.

Dick, douche, fucker, loser...he's lobbing them all around with careless abandon.

Powerplay, you say?

Sykora didn't play much, if any after getting pasted by Cooke near the Oilers bench near the middle of the 3rd.
Did the Oilers manage to string two successful passes in a row in the last 10 minutes? Their power play looked like it was mapped out by Dan Maciocia.
But it's good to see the Oilers can win ugly with Markkanen too.

Oilers over-hyped?
Canucks under-hyped?

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