Thursday, October 19, 2006


Most amazing stat of the season

There's some competition for this one:
But this is the one that I found the most remarkable so far: in Anaheim's shootout loss to Dallas on Sunday, they had 3 defensemen who played more than 30 minutes (S. Niedermayer, 30:45; F. Beauchemin, 30:44; C. Pronger, 30:02).

I don't ever remember seeing that in a regular season game. It was a 65-minute game, mind you, and Dallas had 11 PPs, so you'd expect to see the TOI of your top D-men to be torqued, but 30+ for three guys, and in the 5th game of the season when you're 3-0-1? Good grief.


What about the fact that 11 of Anaheim's 19 goals have come on special teams? I saw that at BoC, and I couldn't believe it.

What about the fact that I have as many points this season as Rob Blake and Wade Redden combined? Where's my $6 mil?


The Ducks ice-time charts are just bizarre... I was looking at Shane O'Brien's stats after last night's game, given he put up a Gordie Howe hat trick, and he's averaging about 11 minutes per game — which barely registers for a defenceman. It's impressive he's put up the kind of stats he has in such limited TOI.

O'Brien doesn't play much PK (if at all), and is a last-30-second option on the PP, and he doesn't team up with SN or CP.

I'm amazed (given how much time we are in special-teams mode) he even gets 11 minutes a game.

Last night the refs were especially silly. I would have called less than three penalties on the night (excluding fights).

You are a funny man Earl Sleek.

You really are.

The best +/- for the Flyers right now is reads like a PGA event with Hatcher as Tiger Woods coming at 10 under par.

Wow, as of last night, thanks to another shortie, Ottawa's now -2 on the powerplay.

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