Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Hockey In The Streets

After much discussion, Pleasure Motors and I have decided to coordinate an inaugural Oilogosphere street hockey game here in the City of Champions. Who loves you, baby! The date, as you see above, is this Saturday, October 28th. It' short notice, but Dave and I feel it is better to get some playing in before the really, really cold weather hits, and people make excuses to not show. Furthermore, we are both really stoked about playing. The sooner the better!

Alright then, this is the list of what we need before Saturday:

1) People. I would guess that 10 would be an ideal minimum, and 20 an ideal maximum. If people are interested in playing, please email Pleasure Motors at coveredinpleasure@gmail.com, and me at andygrabia@gmail.com. I think the best thing to do after that will be to set up a listserv, so we can easily email people about future games. Maybe even one of us will set up an Oilogosphere street hockey blog, and we can keep track of things on there. It would be fitting. Personally, I'd like to get to the point where we play frequently, and give out a Oilogosphere Champions trophy. That would be hot.

2) Time. We would suggest starting between 1 and 2 p.m., so as to allow the university students like PM time to recover from their hangovers, and the old geezers like me time to stretch out the groin properly. Let's throw around times in the comments until we get emails flowing.

3) Location. Central Edmonton is probably the best. PM and I are currently scouting out sites. I like schoolyards the best, because the area is enclosed by three walls, and cars can make a fourth wall. A top consideration right now is the Montessori school near 76th avenue and 106-107th street. I know a really good school over in the Ritchie area (I used to play there every weekend), but it may be a pain for people to get to without vehicles. Again, drop ideas into the comments.

4) Equipment. That would be nets, goalie equipment, balls, and sticks. Let's talk, and see what everybody has. I have a net, so that is one thing down. I also believe wholeheartedly in the tennis ball, but I'll let democracy reign.

5) Music. We obviously need pump-up tunes. I am more than willing to make some discs, and can play tunes from the car. A ghetto blaster may be a better alternative, however.

I think that is it, but please tell us if we are missing something. Oh yes, two more things. The first is to throw out the idea of watching the Oilers/Caps game somwhere together Saturday night, after we've had a hot rub and washed off the blood. Again, a central location would be ideal. If we had a set number, we might even be able to make reservations somewhere. Secondly, I'm assuming that most of us are over 18 and under 70, but people under and over those ages probably shouldn't come. I guess if you're a mature 17, or a nubile 73, an exception could be made, but I think the "can legally get into a bar and not fall asleep by 9 p.m." rule should apply here.

So again, email Pleasure Motors and I if you are interested in playing a street hockey game this weekend. Please email us by Friday, so that we can determine whether we will go ahead or not. Let us know if you would be interested in meeting to watch the game Saturday night, too (this may include people who can't make it to the street hockey game in the afternoon). And please, spread the word. Feel free to invite anyone who might want to play. They don't have to be frequenters of the blogs, per se, or even Oilers fans.

Game On!!!



The revolution is starting here in BC to. I am going to have an Oilers street hockey game here in protest against the stupid bylaws. It will be vintage Oilers (old guys like me) Vs. new Oilers (damn young bucks).

Now if I can only convince the fellows to play the game in front of city hall......

make that 32 year olds.

I'm in.

Jim and Aaron. Can you both email me?



Good for you man! Fight the power. If they shut you down, email your MP, MPP, Councilor and Don Cherry. Take them to court. They are preventing your religious expression.

Make sure to email me a link if you post any pictures or anything.

Man I am so tempted to volunteer making sandwiches.

Those sandwiches would be pretty ripe by the time they made it here from Australia.

Damn, another reason why it sucks living in Calgary. :(

Damn, another reason why it sucks living in Calgary. :(

No excuse, Doogie. We have someone who lives in Chicago playing this weekend.

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