Monday, October 09, 2006


Battle Of The Newsweek Stars

Battle of Alberta: Think the NFL's Browns-Bengals rivalry is heated? You've never seen Calgary vs. Edmonton.

Thanks to Newsweek for including us amongst their list of hockey blogs to read. And welcome to all those who find their way here from the link. Enjoy!

And of course, thanks to the frequent contributors who make this site, and the rest of the Oilogosphere, the best hockey sites in all the land!!!


Congratulations on the big-time recognition. I hope you keep us thinking and laughing for a long time.


Yeah no kidding, speak for yourself.

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No, really. I read stuff on these blogs and actually watch for stuff on televised games. And ponder. Truly!

Perhaps I'm a bit of hermit due to the fact that hubby & I work opposite shifts and I'm home alone with the kids every night. Clearly, a social life or hobby won't be happening anytime soon. BofA will fill the void nicely in the interim.

I don't know comfortable I am with replacing your husband (!), but thank you very much for the kind words. And thanks again to everyone who makes this site so awesome. My own belief is that I'm just here to start the conversation, and let others take it from there. Of course I have my own opinions, and the bully-pulpit is nice, but there is nothing better to me than seeing a thread where people are exhanging ideas, taunting and teasing each other, and advancing all of our understandings about the beautiful game of hockey. I know that I see the game very differently now, better now, and that is because of all of the intelligent and even not-so-intelligent comments thrown around in the bin.

Kleenex. Someone, a kleenex?

Holy crap! Very nice item for BOA and much deserved. I love the humor and the insight here and it's nice to see that you're getting noticed (without having to pose nude).

I disagree. This is a horrible website.

That just made me laugh non-stop for a good five minutes. I'm becoming more and more convinced that Matt is the one actually posting anonymously.

If you guys are from "both sides of the NHLs best rivalry", why do you use the term oilgolosphere... and why do you refer to the oilers as "us". Are some of the contributors from Calgary, by the grace of God? And if so, where they be?

I speak for the Oilers side, and therefore refer to the Oilogosphere. Referring to your team as "us" or "we" is a common fan mistake, and I try to avoid it. I usually fail, but I know it is wrong. I haven't played organized hockey since I was 13. I am certainly not on the ice with the team.

As for the Flames correspondent, you've got me. I haven't even heard back on any of the thirty "Flames Suck" emails I send him daily. As for Flames fans and commenters, I believe computer technology is beyond their level of sophistication. You might want to look for them at the playground, taking a pee on the twirly slide. HEY-OOOO!!! I'll be here all night folks. Enjoy the roast beef.

And does anyone else think that Olaf's picture looks eerily similar to Sacamano? He was just in Siberia, right?

shouldn't we talk about the Flames only scoring 4 goals in 3 games?

We've only scored 4 goals in 2 games. That's a Flamesian clip I'm unprepared to acknowledge.

To add to the ego-stroking, I must admit that all the way from Australia - Oiler loving is rarely answered here.

Um, thanks?

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