Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Battle of Alberta Widget Available Now

Thanks to the amazing KP at Hockey Widgets, the Battle of Alberta now has its own widget! The widget can be downloaded here. The widget is only available for Dashboard, so those of you without a Mac are going to have to just go out and buy one. It's better to have a Mac anyway. Haven't you seen the commercials?

The widget serves as an RSS feed for the site, as well as a scoreboard for the 8 Battle of Alberta matchups. Again, I really want to thank KP for doing this. He volunteered to do so, and did it simply out of his love of hockey and all things widget. He also agreed to update the scores for me until I could find some proper server space to host the widget myself, which is awesome. KP is a Flyers fan, so I'm going to be sending his team some good karmic thoughts over the next little while. I hope you'll join me. Thankfully the Flyers are in the Eastern Conference, so the karmic drain should not have any ill effect on the Oil and Flames.


Installed. Purdy.

'Course, I don't use Dashboard a whole lot, but that's not really the point. Still very nicely done. Still staying.

Very cool. Very cool, indeed.

I'm attempting to force myself to use the Dashboard. And yes, very cool eh?.

I am familar with the works of Pablo Neruda.

How about a couple of feed buttons to go along with your ' trendy widgets... that would make it easier for the non geeks to subscribe to your feed.

I'll look into it.

There. I added some feed buttons. I hope they work. Isn't there a feed button already in the URL bar, though? I'm totally ignorant on these sorts of things, so someone will have to explain it to me. And even then, I may not get it. Me slow.

That is totally up to KP. I know he's swamped right now, but I'll pass the ask along.

so the karmic drain should not have any ill effect on the Oil and Flames.

Like the Flames have any good karma to get drained anyways :-)
You slay me, Grabia.

Hey Andy,
That's a fancy little gadget you got! Sweet sassy molassy!
I linked up to this post at NHL Digest, definite linkworthiness!
Keep Truckin'

Me thinks the karmic thoughts have not started working yet...as we lost again last night to Montreal. Maybe there is a delayed reaction.

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