Sunday, September 17, 2006


Poll Question: Colby Cosh. Dead Or Dead Drunk?

They lost to the Tiger-Cats? Wow. That's like losing to the Washington Generals. Wow. Wow. Wow. Even I'm flabbergasted, and I couldn't care less about the CFL.


WANTED: Contributor to popular sports blog. Must actually be willing to take Edmonton side in eternal "Battle of Alberta."

I don't think I can prove it with published material*, but I knew this calendar date was bad news. Despite the loss I don't think anybody would say the Esks lost the Maas trade, but you've gotta expect a deal like that to bite you in the behind one time.

*I do, however, have a pretty pessimistic column about the Esks' playoff streak already in the can. It will appear in the next issue of Western Standard.

I'm marginally disappointed to find that there is only one toilet reference in each of the two Edmonton Sun stories about the game.

I guess the bar was set pretty high after the loss to the Argos last year.

I fit a couple toilet references in recently... for your benefit, Matt.

Go Lions.

Losing to the Ticats? How embarrassing! Is the season over yet? One more loss and yes it is.

I could listen to Roughrider fans make fun of Maciocia all day. Mac, of course, has won as many Grey Cups in three years as the Roughriders franchise has in its entire history. Fun fact: of the two Saskatchewan head coaches who have won championships, one is 82 years old, and the other is currently running Arena Football 2's Arkansas Twisters.

Roar you Lions, Roar!

So when is BC's typical late season collapse going to happen?

Perhaps September 30th, when they visit Hamilton.

Mac only has one Grey Cup in 2 years, Cosh. The 2003 team was coached by Flanders.

...with Maciocia running the offence.

This is a new Lions team... Dickenson's coming for ya.

Awesome. After his wisecrack about Dwayne Roloson's health in May, I'm thinking Mirtle's karma is the equivalent of a shipping container full of shit balanced on a bowling pin.

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