Sunday, September 24, 2006


Gooood Morning Cal-ga-reeeee!!!

Such a lovely stroll down memory lane, isn't it? I thought it would help you all start off your day. I know it made me feel better.


What a beautiful picture! And yes, that made me feel better!!

Goooood Morning Aa-naa-heeeim!!!

Ah, that feels nice. Thanks, G.

Anaheim? That reminds me of..... Pronger.


Anaheim? That reminds me of..... Pronger.


Me too. But it also brings a smile to my face. His career is over, now. Just wait and see.

Has anyone read the season preview of the Oilers? Interesting stuff.

To quote Kevin Lowe, "Everyone take notice: This team is back to challenging on an annual basis again".

Please God let this be true.

By the way, what's up with the scouting report on Syvret? Someone better be in shit over that one.

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