Thursday, September 28, 2006


Classic Kipper Dept.

So in last night's loss to the Sharks, Vezina Trophy holder Miikka Kiprusoff let in 2 goals on consecutive shots, 43 seconds apart. Call it overreacting (or whatever you please), but after his next routine save, a "smattering" of fans engaged in the time-honoured hockey tradition of sarcastically cheering the goalie's fine work. No keeper is immune to this (clearly): the Flames potted 2 quick ones against the Devils last season, and anyone else who watched on TSN can back me up that Marty Brodeur got the same treatment.

Naturally, this overreaction inspired the opposite, greater overreaction on the radio this morning, and by George Johnson in today's Calgary Herald: Fervent fans should cut Kipper some slack.

I'd advise you to ignore it, except that he pries this choice quote out of Kipper:
"They probably didn't like the way I played"

Ahhh... Kipper speaking the only dialect of English he knows -- deadpan.


I actually did some number crunching in this department a while ago and shots after 1 min of a pervious goal are 2.5x as likely to go in the net (75% save percentage vs 90%).

That's just bizarre. I never really took the whole "rattled goalie confidence" thing to be true, but.... there you go.

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