Friday, August 11, 2006


Sykora An Oiler (Almost)

The Oilers will be holding a press conference in an hour, where it is expected that they will announce the signing of Petr Sykora. The money is around $3 million, and is pending on him passing a physical.

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The Oilers also started negotiations with Lupul yesterday, according to Jim Matheson. And it appears that Mikhnov will now in fact be coming over. That makes a lot of forwards fighting for roster spots. Personally, I don't mind the defence we have. It isn't perfect, but let me put it this way: I am more comfortable with our defence at the start of the year this year than I was with our goaltending at the start of the year last year. I'll take a number one defender of Dwayne Roloson over a number one defender of Ty Conklin any day of the week (Jussi will never ever be criticized by me again, after he played like a fucking champ for us in the Finals). So put me down in the "not worried" category, especially since it looks like we'll be able to score 47 goals a night now. Sykora can apparently play all the forward positions. I say throw him on the back end, show him some footage of Coffey, and verify how well he speaks English by instructing him to "just give 'er." Joking aside, I am content, but it does seem reasonable to assume, looking at that depth chart, that someone is going to be moved. Who that may be, and for what, is anybody's guess.


It's official.

Sykora is only 29? It seems like he has been in the league for about 15 years. I honestly thought he was 34 or 35.

Good thing you bugged me to post on this, RiversQ. The comments are rolling in!


and hey - what's the rush?
no Wins or Losses up for grabs in August or September. K-Lo et al will see how things play themselves out in preseason and camp, and then make moves (ie: experienced D-man) down the road if need be. i'm betting right now that one of Smid/Tjarnqvist/Hejda comes in and is an absolute monstah! (my money's on Hejda)…

but, man, we be loaded up front!
and if Mikhonov turns up, and is half as good as we all hope he is…

Why do you have all the forwards in the wrong place?


On the one hand, this now puts the Oil and Flames even with six 20-goal men apiece. On the other hand, take them away, we still have three players with at least 15 goals, all of whom have very real chances of hitting 20 this year. They have...none.

Have fun finding that secondary scoring, Calgary.

Of further note is that half of Calgary's 20-goal men just barely made it, all with 20 apiece. Ours all had 22 or more.

We have Reasoner back? At least something went well over the summer.

Oh man you guys have some serious finishers.

We're (the Oilers) going to win the Cup!!!! Without that Benedictasshole guy now in Anaheim!!!

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