Thursday, August 03, 2006


One More Win For The Good Guys

The rag that is The Sporting News has published their list of Best North American Sports Cities. It's a ridiculous list, evidenced by Phoenix at #10, Tampa-St. Petersburg at #17 (which somehow leapt up over 300 points in the rankings), Austin at #18, Salt Lake City at #30 and Morgantown at #38. What the hell is in Morgantown West Virginia other than WVU? Answer: nothing at all.

The top Canadian city was Toronto at #41, with Ottawa at #42. That totally betrays a lack of knowledge about sports in this country, as neither town did didley squat last year. Montreal is #51, and Vancouver is #52. Edmonton is in at #46, despite the Eskimos winning a Grey Cup, the Pandas winning the CIS Field Hockey and Ice Hockey Championships and achieving a silver medal in rugby, the Bears winning another Ice Hockey National Championship, a silver medal in volleyball, and a team bronze in track and field, and the Oilers almost winning the Stanley Cup. And that is only off the top of my head. The Sporting News at least got one thing right, though, rating Edmonton above that outpost three hours south (#49).

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