Friday, August 04, 2006


Oh, for...

As if Andy's man-crush on Bill Simmons wasn't big enough. In today's mailbag, he ranks
the Top 6 performances of the national anthem during a sporting event, and look at #2:
Edmonton Oilers fans (Game 3, Oilers-Ducks series, 2006)
A slight technicality because they're singing the Canadian national anthem, but if your goosebumps aren't getting goosebumps during this clip, then you might possibly be a cyborg. In fact, this was so outstanding on so many different levels, you might see me about adopt the Oilers as my new hockey team and make an NHL comeback. How can you beat these fans? Seriously, how? By the way, look for the spectator around the 58-second mark who's belting the song out at the top of his lungs behind the Edmonton bench. High comedy. Just an amazing clip. My favorite part is when they show the Ducks goalie laughing in sheer delight, like he's thinking to himself, "Crap, why do I have to play in Anaheim?"

I might ordinarily find this marginally humiliating, but for two things:

1. He clearly doesn't know who Our Pal Joey is, identifies him as a spectator behind the bench, and refers to his enthusiasm as "high comedy", which is kind of... eeaah.

2. In comment threads here and around the Oilogosphere, there's probably 20 iterations of the comment Bill Simmons knows jack-all about hockey, which come to think of makes him an excellent candidate to be an Oiler fan. Someone FedEx Simmons a Hemsky jersey, stat!

P.S. Follow the ESPN link so you can watch #4 as well - Carl Lewis. ("Francis Scott Off-Key"? Hee hee.)


Woohoo! Matt's alive!

Either Matt's talking out of body parts synonymous with post-playoff-game police officers in both Alberta hockeytowns, or the article has been edited already: no reference to "By the way, look for the spectator around the 58-second mark who's belting the song out at the top of his lungs behind the Edmonton bench. High comedy." can be found when I just clicked on the article.

Second place behind Marvin Gaye? I'll take it.

Aha! So, I see, Anonymous. You'll have to take my word for it that it was a straight cut-and-paste. Apparently he or the Editors were since clued in, and decided those sentences were a bit eeaah as well.

I can vouch for Matt on this one, as I am a regular Page 2 reader and noticed the reference when I read the page just after 12:00 (EST).

- Randy

Classic Simmons. He always screws up like that, and then they have to fix his stuff.

I haven't even looked at it yet, but by Cosh's reference I am going to guess that we are second behind Marvin Gaye's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles. If so, fantastic.

Is there a cached copy of the story, with his Joey Moss comment?

And by the way, my crush on Simmons has died down over the past year, to the point where I barely read him anymore. Klosterman, on the other hand... I sat and watched an entire documentary on Heavy Metal yesterday just because he was on it. Well, plus, it was also a documentary on metal, but you know...

I don't know if this is worthy of a BOA post, but in the interests of this raison d'etre of this blog, today's TO-Star mentions that The Sporting News has a "Top Sports Cities" ranking, with Edmonton ranking 46th, and Calgary at 49th.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Scroll down, Julian. I posted on it last night. Matt is, as usual, silent.

Did anyone else notice that Lowetide's blog has completely disappeared? that's not a team you'd cheat on your wife for.

That is actually close to their new slogan for the year:

"The Calgary sleeping with your sister."

It'll be a huge success down there.

Andy seems to have replaced his man-crush on Simmons with an even less healthy man-crush on Rob Schremp. That post the other day was just ... ew.

The Blackhawks traded Calder to Phily for Handzus. That is an addition of salary for the Flyers.

And Comrie got $3 million from the Coyotes. Gross.

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