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Hot Oil

Make sure and check out Hot Oil, one of the most in-depth and analytical hockey sites on the internet. I'm warning those chicks right now, they better stay away from Saint Fernando! No way I'm gonna let 34 grow up without his Daddy!

In other news, I am totally boring myself. I have been on BoA for over a month now, and after what I think was a hot start, have really cooled off. I got nothing, baby. I think it was that Powerplay post. It sapped my will to live. I can't even link to the damn thing, I hate it so much. I keep telling myself it's summer, and not to worry, but every day I see the numbers on the site meter drop. I could blame Matt, but I think the NHLPA kidnapped him in order to re-enact the Gimp scene from Pulp Fiction. So it's really all on me here. Any suggestions or comments would be welcome. Are people happy with what I have been doing? What else would you like to see? I actually do have some ideas for things, and am just being lazy, but lemme hear it. I want to make sure I am holding up my end of the deal. In the end, I may ignore all of it, but then again, I may not. You could help me get that blogging Pulitzer I've always wanted. I'll even thank you in my acceptance speech. Promise. Get out a contract if you want. I'll sign it, and those things are ironclad.


Training camp starts in about 5 weeks. Feel free to pace yourself until then. There's not much doubt I will be.

blame the news. there's nothing to talk about.

First off, I recommend always referring to Pronger by his new official nickname - Cockface Stinkfuck.

I'm amazed you've been able to post as much good stuff as you have when there really is not that much to talk about.

But, don't worry, your team will sign or trade some guys and maybe my team will too. Or the Wings will make some ridiculous signing of a toxic past his best before date goalie. You'll find something.

Blame the dog days of summer. Hell, I recently resorted to posting a video preview of the upcoming EA NHL '07 game for godssake.

I say you were right on your first instinct....blame Matt. But the fact that it is August 1 does not help at all. The only significant free agent left is Anson Carter, and he's NOT signing with the oilers.

Kick back, relax.

well, honestly the thing that is missing is some true BofA type postings.

Matt's gone all Tom Benjamin and Mudcrutch in his analysis of the business of the league.

AG, you are doing great at documenting the progress of the Oil in this sumer season.

Both "sides" are doing a good job at poking fun at their own teams' activities, but where are the posts from AG critiquing the Flames stuff. And Matt has gone easy on the Oilers.

Where's the battle?

+ the Igin-GuAY reference to the Flames 1-2 scoring punch was coined on another blog site. Please -- that should have come from here!

Where's the battle?

That's probably a fair indictment. I try to poke fun as much as I can, but to be honest, I just feel terribly sorry for Flames fans. It's like kicking someone when their down. It just seems overboard.

I did do the post of Matt's quotes from last year, which was fun. And he still hasn't provided us with that critique of Iginla and his salary like he promised. And there is a great quote about me that I'll be sure to put on any resume I throw out in the future:

'm no gay and this isn't just the beer talking but this Grabia fellow is looking like a real keeper.

But I will take the battle question under advisement. It's a good one. Gracias.

frankly, i'm impressed you're able to post more than once a week at this point of the hockey season.

LT is really impressive though, I can go there every twelve hours or so and get a new post about the oilers in the middle of the summer. that's passion, boys and girls.

If only there was new content. My 11th angle on Smid is up today, as I was reading it I kept thinking "how many times have I written this?"

I'm going to do a Hemsky-for-Jyrki Lumme post that should wake up Dennis later today. :-)

Post a video of you playing NHL 2K6, Edmonton playoff roster vs. Calgary playoff roster. School them horrifically. All will be right in BoA land.

But I will take the battle question under advisement. It's a good one. Gracias.

Denada. Perhaps we could start with a BofA glossary update?

Captain America > Robimus Prime
Igingay = Iginla and Tanguay

Post a video of you playing NHL 2K6, Edmonton playoff roster vs. Calgary playoff roster.

Did Calgary make the playoffs this year? Huh. I didn't even notice.

Don't take it too hard. I'd say you are doing a hell of a job!

I set up a blog for my hockey pool this summer and I can hardly get anyone interested. There is lots of good smack talk, important info for next year, did I mention smack talk ... and very few of my deadbeat buddies will even visit the site.

I'm blaming the summer weather and possible their families!

Well, you could talk about Nazarov and his claim that "99 per cent of NHL enforcers are juiced" them perhaps relate that to the Landis/Gatlin debacle.
Or look at how different strategies teams have employed, and perhaps see how similar strategies have worked out in the NFL.
Perhaps talk about the search frequecy listed in Google Trends (http://tinyurl.com/ozuy4)

That's all I've got for now.

Who's Zed?

Who's Zed

Zed's dead baby. Zed's dead.

Who cares about hockey when we're three weeks away from the release of Madden 2007?

Oh, when there's nothing to write about, just make something up.

My idle time posts now include poetry, personality quizzes, and even grammar tips, all marginally related to hockey.

I'm halfway to becoming a hockey fiction writer.

It might be healthy to step away from the computer once in a while, Andy, and not worry so much about posting often on the BoA.


"Heavy net users are loners, study shows"
Aug. 2, 2006. 09:15 AM Totonto Star

"OTTAWA (CP) — There's a new study that says heavy Internet users lead a considerably different lifestyle than people who do not surf the web.

Statistics Canada says it found that heavy Net users spent less time to socializing with their spouse or partner, or their children and friends.

And they tended to stay at home, showing less interest in outdoor activities than non-users."

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