Saturday, July 22, 2006


Weekend Activity

Here is the Edmonton Oilers All-Time Roster. Excluding the two in this picture, name your Top 5 European Oilers.


Not an inspiring bunch. Hemsky, Siltanen (his play-off immigrations always seemed to be key), Klima, Niinimaa & Salo.

Substitute for Salo IF: Satan is a pick if you go by talent and the fact we drafted him. One of Dvo or Ciger (Dvo if he gets re-signed) if you go by good citizens.

Hemsky and Niinimaa are the two best after Kurri and Tikk by far.

Great question. We aren't that hot a destinantion for Euro's are we?

Hemsky, Siltanen, Niinimaa, Salo, Satan.

Add one more for a goalie and you can ice a starting roster. Hemsky will have to move to the right side

Klima- Nedved - Hemsky
Niinimaa - Mironov

Roman Oksiuta!

Niinimaa and the mighty JAROSLAV POUZAR.

Fuck ya, Cosh.

I'll throw in Reijo Ruotsalainen and Kent Nilsson along with Pouzar, Hemsky and Hamrlik. Put Kari Takko in net, and I'm ready to roll.

How does Roman Hamrlik get left off of every list except Grabia's?

Because we don't like him.

Mikhail Shtalenkov, Vladimir Ruzicka, Raimo Summanen, Igor Ulanov
Oh yeah, and that Hemsky guy.

Selivanov, Kovalenko, Czerkawski. . . how many's that? One?

lol, steve. too true.

Bengt Gustavsson (ok so he never played for Edmonton in the NHL but we were robbed and I'm going to count him anyway), Reijo Ruotsalainen, Jaroslav Pouzar, Niininimaa and Hemsky.

Reijo/Rexi Ruotsalainen (if only because the NHL created a rule to prevent Sather from bringing him over the playoffs ;-), Niininimaa, Hemsky, Salo, and Willy Lindstrom.

Only excuse for not including the Magic Man is that Nilsson had such a short stint as an Oiler.

- Rod

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