Monday, July 03, 2006


Potpourri for .870 please, Alex

**Every so often, I wish I knew Photoshop. When? When I see something like this. Dynamite. I was psyched that the Sabres were going back to their original colours, but I'll never look at the new logo the same way again.

**Missed in the excitement of the G2/Finals Conkannen decision (a.k.a. Dominic Roussel We Hardly Knew Ye): Ingmar "W" Bergman posted the names and pictures of every goaltender in Oilers history, including the WHA days. Go have a look.

**Razor liveblogged the draft, and raised his eyebrows at the bio of the Stars 90th overall pick, Aaron Snow:
His favorite team is Detroit.
His favorite player is Joe Sakic.
And his favorite show is The OC.
What's next? He'll suggest that Hull's goal shouldn't have counted?

Eh, I'm a cheap laugh.

**The Prez is still faithfully lighting a candle for the return of Ullie - Sacamano would approve. Also, I never updated with her reaction to the G7 Loss. I think she speaks for all Oiler fans here:
Everyone was speechless after the loss. I drank more beer and ate a fudgesicle, but nothing helped. We were devastated.
It's a bad day when even a fudgesicle can't turn your frown upside down.

**And speaking of cheap laughs, I must be in a good mood, because I even thought this link was funny.


I suppose it goes without saying, but you guys had a lot of time on your hands down there in May and June, huh.

I have to admit, that last link made me laugh my ass off.

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