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Oilers 2006-2007 Schedule Announced

The Edmonton Oilers 2006-2007 schedule is up on the NHL page. I am going to keep updating this all day.

***Update**Amazingly (or not, considering), the NHL schedule is actually missing games. Thanks to those who alerted me to this. The Oilers page has a full schedule, as well as a pre-season schedule. Some of this info will have to be changed as I learn more, then. I do wish the Oilers had their schedule as a list, rather than month by month. It would make this alot easier. Of course, it wouldn't be a problem if the NHL could actually publish a full calendar.

Battle of Alberta Dates
October 5: Calgary @ Edmonton
October 7: Edmonton @ Calgary
November 21: Calgary @ Edmonton
December 31:Edmonton @ Calgary
January 13:Edmonton @ Calgary
January 20: Calgary @ Edmonton
March 3: Calgary @ Edmonton
April 7: Edmonton @ Calgary

Chris Pronger
October 25: Edmonton @ Anaheim
November 28: Anaheim @ Edmonton
January 18: Anaheim @ Edmonton
March 9: Edmonton @ Anaheim

Other Notable Dates
October 23: Phoenix @ Edmonton (Le GG's return)
December 6: Carolina @ Edmonton (Stanley Cup Final rematch)
October 28: Washington @ Edmonton (The Ovechkin Show comes to Edmonton)

Some early thoughts:

• Opening night against the Lames will be banner night, which means nothing other than that there is a 90-95% chance of the Oilers losing that game.

• Still no Sidney Crosby in Edmonton.

• Does anyone else find that the NHL's page often screws up when you try to scroll down?

• Only play 4 day games this year.

• 6 sets of back-to-back games before January, 3 in January alone, and 3 the rest of the year. Only one of those sets is a home-and-home (October 16/17 with Vancouver)

• The longest away streaks are for 5 games in November, 7 games in February, and THE LAST 6 GAMES OF THE YEAR!!

• The longest home streaks are for 7 in November/early December, and 6 in March.

• No Northeast division games in Edmonton. That means no Leafs or Canadiens games here. Yes! Sadly, it also means no Sabres game here.

• The Red Wings and the Blackhawks will be the only two Original Six teams to play in Edmonton.

• The All-Star Game is January 24, 2007, in Dallas.

• The pre-season opener with Phoenix will be played in Winnipeg.

• Training camp will be held in Grande Prairie this year.

• I have yet to see a date for the traditional ass-whupping that is the Golden Bears vs. Oilers Rookies game.

• Oilers fans outside Alberta can look for games in Montreal (November 7), Toronto (February 17), Ottawa (February 20), and Vancouver ( October 16, December 4, January 5, and February 1).

• The back-to-back with the Canucks and Flames on December 30 and 31st will be fantastic.

• Only one game has been announced for t.v. so far (game 2 versus the Flames).


They only seem to be playing 79 games each...

I think they are missing 3 intradivisional games, but they may have just not posted the last three games of the season or something...

But the important thing is that my Flames are coming here to the T-dot...


The Flames website has the 8th game -- it's in the Saddledome on New Years Eve. So that should be fun.

I hate the new schedules....there should be an ammendment. Canadian teams must play each other, home and away during every season. So irritating.

Otherwise, can't wait for Nov 28th and Jan 18th. I will be starting vocal exercises immediately!!!

I'm debating Vancouver Jan. 5 as well - plane travel should be dirt cheap and I figure I'll crash I'd at the Drizzler's place. I'd take a run at his girlfriend if she wasn't so notoriously high maintenance.

I say go for it. The game, and his girlfriend.

We're playing in Vancouver eight times? Goddamn, we're going to be seeing a lot of them.

I count 12 back-to-back sets for the Oilers:

Oct 25/26
Nov 7/8
Nov 12/13
Dec 14/15
Dec 30/31
Jan 4/5
Jan 12/13
Jan 26/27
Jan 31/Feb 1
Feb 22/23
March 11/12
March 23/24

That four games in seven days stretch at the end of January will be brutal.

We're playing in Vancouver eight times? Goddamn, we're going to be seeing a lot of them.

Shit. I'll fix.

I count 12 back-to-back sets for the Oilers

Ya, that is what I said.

Ya, that is what I said.

Your 6-3-3 talk confused me. Now I see that they add up to 12!

And 12 pairings sounds much scarier. No idea how it compares to Calgary's workload though (hint, hint), or any of the central/east teams with the cushy schedules.

No idea how it compares to Calgary's workload though (hint, hint).

Matt has something coming.

Samsonov to the Habs!

Is TSN really using Google AdSense? Insane.

Seriously pondering trip to Edmonton for that December game.

Could be fun, or I could get drawn and quartered out in front of the Northlands the instant people see the Sightless Eye of Carolina on my chest.

Nah, we'll only murder you if you wear a "Carolina Hurricanes 2006 Stanley Cup Champions" T-shirt. The jersey will likely only draw pained obscenities.

I don't think I've bought a champs anything shirt since 1999, when I bought a SE Division champs shirt. Since then I've kinda avoided buying stuff like that, cos it feels like a jinx.

Besides, there's no way I could be assy in another team's barn--clap for my team, sure. But I'm not one to rub stuff in.

Hey, I've got no problem with cheering loud and proud for the other team, and I can take a bit of good-natured ribbing, as long as it stays good-natured. Hell, I cheer for the "wrong" team all time, living on the wrong side of the QE2. I can't fault someone for doing something that I would do every time.

The Avs will beat both Alberta teams this year!

Anyway, is the schedule due to come out on the 12th again this year?

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