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Did Matt and I decide to leave town on the same day? I just got back, and I see that Spacek signed with the Sabres, Le GG signed with the Coyotes (sniff, sniff), Gaborik signed with the Wild, Cole signed with the Canes, and Calgary signed Tanguay and Friesen? Madness I say.

I have to admit that I don't care about Spacek leaving. I don't know what he got, and I don't care. He was another Boris Mironov, Igor Ulanov type of player: brilliant one second, and then absolutely retarded the next. I know our defence is depleted, but I really don't care about losing Spacek. My real concern is with losing Le GG. My favorite Oiler is now a Coyote, and my #27 jersey is officially retro. I must admit that I find Laraque's reason for leaving a little bewildering, though. He said he would be willing to play for less--$2.4 million for two years, btw?--but the Oilers wouldn't include a no-trade clause. So let me get this straight: you want a no-trade clause because you want to finish your career in Edmonton, so if the Oilers don't give it to you, you are going to go play somewhere else? I haven't had a chance to peek around the Oilogosphere yet, but am I the only one who finds this completely illogical?

Tomorrow I will update the defencemen chart I made, along with the salary cap stuff I did last night. Tonight it is too hot, too sad, and I have this quote dancing around in my head:
"We understand that John Henry must be embarrassed, frustrated and disappointed by his failure in this transaction. Unlike the Yankees, he chose not to go the extra distance for his fans in Boston."

If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.


Apparently Spacek got more than $10-million over three years. That's unreal.

The more the Oil played Jaro the worse he played. Sorta like Staios a few years ago. I kept saying we could've helped us and him by giving Tarnstrom his PP minutes but that never happened.

And now did I mention Staios will be back to playing too many mintues again;)

As for BG...I would've taken him back at say 800K. It's not like we don't have any money to spend or anything:D

I really can't blame Kevin Lowe for passing on all of these guys. These deals are insane. What the hell are GM's doing?

5.25 a year for Tanguay? Jesus. No wonder Matt is in hiding. That is ridiculous. Eric Cole signed for $4 mill a year in Carolina. How Tanguay is worth the extra cash is beyond me.

Big George is gone. I really liked George, maybe he was not the best player but he always looked happy on the ice. One thing the Oilers always have had is the toughest enforcer in league. Do we have goon in waiting?

Maybe he was not the best player?

Vancouver cleared up some space.

Here is the arbitration list. The Sabres are pooched if their players get what everyone else seems to be getting right now.

Hemsky, Horcoff and Stoll all filed.

Yea, on the other hand I wouldn't mind picking up some of the sabers RFAs if they become free agents and Buffalo can't sign them. The salaries have gone absolutely nuts and have no relation to the relative value of the players. 3.3 for Spaceck wouldn't have been terrible but apparantly we made that sort of offer. But if he got anything more than 4 he's getting significantly overpayed. At this point I think laying low and waiting for the bargains to come along in the trade market is a good strategy. Not that I wouldn't like to see us sign a couple of decent free agents.

The most points Cole ever got was 60. Tanguay is pushing 80 with regularity. Tanguay, if not a superior player, is a much safer bet for a long term contract. That said, he's a better player too. I fully expected that $5 mill range.

Look at what Brad Richards is getting.

The most points Cole ever got was 60.

That's only half the story. He was on pace for over 80 until Orpik ran him.

Yeah, he was on pace for 80. I think his contract fits, so does tanguay's.

Cole never played with Sakic and Forsberg though. We'll soon see about Tanguay, but I've never been a fan.

I think I can see Laraque's rationale in signing with the Coyotes. I mean since they were so dead set against giving him a no-trade he could assume he had a good chance of being traded down the line. And if you get traded you have no power over where you go at all, you could end up in some forsaken team from hell (like Boston was last year, even GMs want nothing to do with Boston unless they massively overpay). So then being traded to some unknown team after taking a considerable pay cut (a few hundred thousand is a lot for me and you, and for a guy like Georges who might not have long for the 'new' NHL) in the home town discount would be very very undesirable. Thus he took his future into his own hands and signed for the 'big' 1.2 million /year for 2 years and a no-trade clause contract.

Just my 2 cents

Watching Edmonton's offseason is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Still, I have to agree with Andy that these deals guys are getting are insane. Problem is those are the deals guys are getting...

What should be really interesting is NEXT year. There won't be another huge salary cap bump, so all next year's contracts will have to come from expiring contracts. I'm thinking players who are UFAs next year are going to get 80% of what they would have received this year. Unless some magical new huge source of revenue materializes.

Yeah, he was on pace for 80. I think his contract fits, so does tanguay's.

Had Cole played the season out, and performed up to his regular season standards in the playoffs, there is no question he would have made $5 mil. next season. Unfortunately for him he is going to be tagged as a potential risk given his previous injury.

In three years Cole could be the most underpaid player in the league, but Tanguay certainly won't be a boat anchor at $5.3 mil. if his current performance continues.

Cole is a year older with less NHL experience. He has also missed considerable playing time in two of those seasons. Not to mention that he had a career year this past season, whereas Tanguay's numbers have been consistent for a while now. And just because somebody is on track for a certain number of points, by no means does that mean that they are going to get them. I'll take Tanguay at his $15.75 / 3 years...


But don't you think $5 million a year for scoring 80 points a season is a little much, regardless of who you are and where you play? I'm just surprised that the 80 point plateau gets you that much, I guess.

When you consider that Tanguay is a player that Flames fan will recognize from playing against so often as a division rival, that could add a little to the equation in terms of jersey sales. A player like Cole may be easily identifiable to the many Flames fans, but most may not have ever seen him play (its not like they really got to see him in this years playoffs).

While the price for Tanguay may be a little high, you also have to consider that the Flames may have had to concede at least a little to his salary demands since they did make the trade to get him and otherwise could have been left with nothing but salary cap space...

And when you look at how much Jarmoe got paid this season for what he did...

Oh, and the Flames signed Jamie McLennan for another tour of duty as their backup at $575,000 for one year...


But don't you think $5 million a year for scoring 80 points a season is a little much, regardless of who you are and where you play? I'm just surprised that the 80 point plateau gets you that much, I guess.

I am also surprised and agree that it is too much. However, his value is primarily dictated by the market, not neccesarily by Sutter and Tanguay's agent. In other words I don't think the Flames were ripped off as compared to what other players of Tanguay's ability are making. For example Naslund is making $6 mil. and had 79 points last season. Granted there is more to it than points. I'm interested to see how much Briere will sign for . My guess is about $15-18 mil. over three years.

BTW 12 Sabres players going to arbitration, egads!

cole is better than tanguay because he has more two way ability and is a really good agressive penalty killer

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