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High five!

Excellent pic on the front of the Edmonton Sun this morning. This little kid manages to express, non-verbally, what most of us who occasionally wear the flaming horse on our shoulder think of the Pronger/Lupul trade:

Also, we hack on the Sun quite a bit around here (well, mostly Terry Jones), but Robin Brownlee and Robert Tychkowski are actually pretty good. RT's piece on the Pronger media call ("Let me make this perfectly unclear ...") lays out the realities maturely, but doesn't let Pronger off the hook ("...that's his call. You don't have to like it or respect it, and I don't, but...").

A line in his companion piece on the "factless" rumours caught my eye, too. I know Pronger is trying to shield his wife, but if I said something like this to that end, I'd be in big, big trouble:
"She's the mother of my kids and my wife and somebody I love very much.

"It's sad that she's had to be put through a lot of this and not understand a lot of why she got dragged into the mix."

Emphasis mine.


Yeah, I mean, who's Lupul beaten in the playoffs anyway?

I enjoy how one Sun columnist called Lopul a 25 year old, and then in the very next page, they list his age as 22. Shoddy shoddy journalism.

Funny you bring that up, actually. In the Ducks 7-game series win over the Flames, Lupul's line was:

1G 0A 1Pt +1 22Shots 19PIM

The only times Calgary had anything remotely resembling chances in G7 was on the two terribly stupid penalties Lupul took. But, it's not like the Flames had that much trouble with Pronger either (7GP, E, 0G, 4A (all in the New Year's Eve game)), so it should be just about a wash from a BoA perspective.

Actual line:

1G 0A 1Pt +1 22Shots 19PIM 9PJLF*

*punches to Jamie Lundmark's face and head

On a completley unrelated note - I've always wanted to see the very first game of any nhl season a rematch between the two stanley cup finalists. Either kick the loser down again, or the loser can save some face. Does anyone else share this fetish? We should petition.

Lupul and a couple of first/second round draft picks would be fair compensation for Pronger... IF they came from a shit team like Chicago, meaning the draft picks would be in the top 5 over the next couple years. The Ducks are now perennial contenders and those draft picks will be between the top 20 & 30. I can't believe the Ducks now have both Neids and Prongs. Shit.

Lupul is good for Edmonton (good depth of young, talented, and hard working forwards), now they just have to solidify the blueline somehow, although the pickin's are getting slimmer and slimmer.

A more interesting question is who is Lupul apt to ebat in the playoffs anytime soon?

And on an unrelated note, I'd like the Stanley Cup rematch, too. But with the unbalanced schedule, it might not fit into the League's plans.

What would be extra great this year would be a home and home rematch of the Western Conference Finalists.

Who was it who predicted the Oil would re-sign Reasoner? Because that was a pretty good prediction, considering they just re-signed him to a 2 year deal.

As for Anaheim, they are a bloody good defensive team now. However, even with Pronger, I don't think they could have stood up to either Buffalo or Carolina this year, so they are beatable.

Actually, with the unbalanced schedule, it still fits in nicely.

Recall that Opening Night last season had all 30 teams playing; this was considered a success, as I recall. This requires one inter-conference matchup (it was CBJ-WSH last time, IIRC). Might as well be the Finalists, no?

I think everyone knew Reasoner was coming back. It was just a question of how long and how much.

Since I know you will get it wrong, Smid is pronounced like 'Schmidt' without the hard t, and not like it looks.

matt: Good point, I forgot about all the teams playing on opening day. No Cup needed - just a nice, friendly game; with Vagina Face's head on a stick.

I was under the impression it's pronounced "Schmeed" - no?

I'd like to see a Western Conference Final rematch in Edmonton as G1.

Would Pronger & Lupul switch teams for the day? Or mabye have Lupul play D, and Pronger play wing?

My guess was "shmeet". Or can Czech have voiced consonants at the end of words?

I'd to see the opening night finals rematch, but only if Le GG is on the side, so that Andrew Ladd can get a chance to go through the second part of the "just doing whatever it takes to win" thing that he missed out on in Game 1 of the finals.

Okay, I'm a sore loser. And I freely admit it was 80% MAB's fault. But still, under the old fighting rules, I rather doubt that Ladd would have been in any condition to play another game in the series.

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